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Woman tried to kill Air Force husband by pouring bleach in his coffee, cops say

A cup of coffee (Dreamstime/TNS)
August 10, 2023

Air Force officer Roby Johnson became his own detective when he noticed a peculiar taste in his coffee during his deployment in Germany, leading to suspicion that his wife might be behind the alteration in his daily brew.

According to court documents, Roby’s keen senses guided him on a path of discovery, and after several weeks of enduring the altered taste, he resorted to a smart solution.

Using pool testing strips, he initially ruled out contamination in the tap water. However, when he tested his coffee, the results were shocking, as it contained high chlorine levels, hinting at a sinister plot.

Determined to unearth the truth, Roby began an ingenious covert operation. He pretended to continue to drink the coffee while the family was still stationed in Europe. His cautious decision to wait until the family returned to Tucson, Arizona, showcased the strategic mind of a serviceman. The U.S. proved to be the perfect stage for his subsequent undercover operation.

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Upon their return in late June, close to the Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Roby employed surveillance technology to track the potential perpetrator. His primary evidence was footage of his wife Melody Felicano Johnson, age 39, allegedly adding bleach to his coffee.

However, the initial evidence wasn’t strong enough for the Tucson Police Department. In response, Roby enhanced his security by disguising a camera as a fire alarm in their home, which later revealed more condemning evidence.

The drama reached its climax when Roby submitted new video proof to the police. on July 18, showing Melody pouring bleach into the coffee machine before brewing, which eventually led to her arrest.

Subsequent house investigations echoed Roby’s concerns. Police reports mention a coffee machine that reeked of bleach. Furthermore, officers found a container in Melody’s personal bathroom, which might have held bleach. In the midst of a divorce, Roby and Melody had maintained separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

According to Fox News, Melody is currently detained with a bond set at $250,000. The high bond stems from her recent property acquisition in the Philippines, her family’s homeland, making her a flight risk.

Roby’s harrowing belief, as highlighted in court documents, is that his wife’s possible motive could have been to eliminate him to secure death benefits.

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