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Video: Humvee explodes as it drives over landmine in Ukraine

Like this Humvee, which was stolen from Bell two years ago, a Humvee snatched from a Northern California National Guard facility remains missing. (FBI/TNS)
August 19, 2023

A Humvee carrying Ukrainian soldiers detonated a landmine in eastern Ukraine during a confrontation with Russian invaders, video of the moment shows.

Astonishingly, despite the intensity of the explosion, the soldiers survived and lived to recount the ordeal. A video capturing this nerve-wracking event, was shared by Yuriy Butusov, a Ukrainian journalist embedded with the unit.

The footage presents a clear picture of the traumatic moment. Six soldiers can be seen maneuvering the Humvee over rugged terrains, with three disembarking just before the gunner starts firing.

Moments later, a violent blast engulfs the Humvee’s interior. Yet, against all odds, every soldier inside managed to escape the engulfing flames and chaos.

The inside perspective showcased the overwhelming force of the explosion, flames illuminating the vehicle’s cockpit while a shockwave rattled its cabin.

However, the vehicle’s thick undercarriage armor played a pivotal role, deflecting much of the explosion’s impact and shielding the soldiers from deadly shrapnel.

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Reacting with commendable agility, one soldier descended from the gun turret while two others hurriedly evacuated the vehicle, ducking from incoming Russian fire.

Yuriy Butusov, commenting on his firsthand experience, stated, “The Humvee in which I was riding with the fighters blew up, the tank that supported us blew up, Russian artillery covered us on a minefield. But the assault groups of the 59th brigade regrouped and went on the assault again, destroyed the resistance and shot down a Russian FPV drone and took one of the important Russian positions at the crossroads of landings that allows us to move forward.”

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense expressed gratitude for the Western aid that provided the Humvees, tweeting, “Thank you to the American people! Your Humvees save the lives of our soldiers.”