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Porsche removed iconic Jesus statue from car ad

The 29-foot tall limestone statue of Jesus Christ on top of Sierra De Cristo Rey overlooks Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. The total distance up and down the mountain is 4.4 miles and includes 15 stops with devotionals on the way up. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Victor Everhart Jr.)
August 27, 2023

Luxury automaker Porsche recently received backlash due to a controversial marketing decision to remove the iconic Cristo Rei statue, a statue of Jesus Christ, from an advertisement commemorating 60 years of the Porsche 911.

According to Fox Business, the notable deletion of the statue was detected approximately 44 seconds into the video on Porsche’s official website, as the Porsche 911 cruised along the scenic vista of Lisbon’s bridge and river – but without the majestic 92-foot Jesus Christ statue that dominates the landscape.

A vigilant social media user on platform X was the first to highlight this omission, which led to the post gaining significant traction and prompting a wave of online conversations.

One social media user tweeted, “Time to boycott Porsche! Another boycott that’s easy for me.” Another X user commented on the “beautiful” nature of the statue, adding, “I drove on that bridge and it’s truly amazing. I’m marking Porsche off my list of future purchases. They should be ashamed!”

Addressing the issue in response to pushback from consumers, Porsche told Fox Business, “In an early version of a film created in Europe, the Cristo Rei Statue does not appear. We are truly sorry and can fully understand the hurt this has caused. This film has been removed.”

In a swift response, the German luxury car manufacturer also uploaded a rectified video on Sunday, showcasing the Cristo Rei in its full grandeur.

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The Santuário de Cristo Rei, or the Sanctuary of Christ the King, stands overlooking the Tagus River, bridging the cities of Almada and Lisbon. Symbolizing Portugal’s gratitude for its World War II neutral stance, which spared the country from devastation, the monument was completed in 1959.

First presented in September 1963, the Porsche 911 has evolved as a symbol of luxury and performance. The latest 2024 Porsche 911 S/T, priced at $290,000, boasts 518 horsepower, hitting 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, with a peak speed of 186 mph on a track in summer tires.

Porsche describes the latest 911 model as an “unprecedented combination of purism, agility and unique driving dynamics.”

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