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Pic: Mysterious naked ‘Wolf Man’ photographed by hikers

A hiker. (Spencer McKee/TNS)
August 28, 2023

Two hikers journeying through Germany’s famed Harz Mountains stumbled upon a sight most would relegate to legend or folklore when they encountered a mysterious figure known as the “wolf man.”

According to The New York Post, the “wolf man” has been deeply entrenched in the wilderness for what officials estimate to be at least five years.

Hikers Gina Weiss and her friend Tobi narrated their strange sighting of the “wolf man” to Bild, a German newspaper. Weiss told Bild that the two hikers’ encounter with the mysterious man lasted roughly 10 minutes.

“When we reached the sand caves we saw the wolf man. He stood up high on one of the caves and held a long wooden stick like a lance in his arm,” Weiss described, adding, “He wouldn’t take his eyes off us, said nothing. He looked dirty like a Stone Age man from a history book.”

The rugged individual, estimated to be in his 40s, seemed as though he stepped out from the annals of history itself. However, it appears this isn’t the first of such sightings.

The Times noted that over the past five years, local police in Blankenburg have been alerted multiple times about an individual outfitted in wolf fur, causing quite a stir in the community. Earlier this year, another hiker raised the alarm, claiming to witness the “wolf man.”

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The core concern for the emergency personnel isn’t the mythical allure of the “wolf man” character. Instead, emergency personnel view him as a very real threat, worried that he might inadvertently set the dense woodlands ablaze.

“Someone clearly knows how to live outside and adapt to the changing seasons,” Alexander Beck, head of Blankenburg fire brigade, stated.

The Harz Mountains, extending over 68 miles across northern Germany, with its towering Brocken peak, is a haven of natural beauty. The region is characterized by a labyrinthine landscape, dense vegetation and intriguing variations in flora.

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