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Gen. Milley denies gov’t covering up aliens, UFOs

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley. (DoD photo by Marvin Lynchard)
August 07, 2023

Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently acknowledged the existence of “weird and unexplainable” UFO sightings, while denying claims that the government has engaged in a cover up program.

In a recent interview with The Washington Times, Milley confirmed that some UFO sightings are indeed “difficult to explain.” Nevertheless, he firmly negated claims suggesting the Pentagon has engaged in cover-ups or has retrieved extraterrestrial beings from UFO crashes.

“They can explain a lot of it, but there is some that’s really kind of weird and unexplainable,” Milley said. “But I’ve seen nothing to suggest that we, the United States military or the United States government, has in fact recovered any sort of vehicle that is not man-made or made here on Earth, or that there’s any kind of remains. … I haven’t seen any of that kind of stuff.”

During his conversation with The Washington Times, Milley said that as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he has received briefings regarding multiple UAP sightings.

Based on the evidence he has seen, Milley said there is nothing that “indicates to me about quote-unquote ‘aliens’ or that there’s some sort of cover-up program.”

Milley’s comments came on the heels of former U.S. intelligence officer David Grusch’s recent testimony to Congress, where Grusch alleged knowledge of a “multidecade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program.”

Grusch also implied the secretive storage of extraterrestrial bodies within the Pentagon.

While Gen. Milley did not directly address the veracity of Grusch’s claims, he emphasized his lack of evidence supporting such allegations. However, he did not outright dismiss Grusch’s testimony, noting, “The guy was under oath. I’m sure that he was trying to say whatever he thought was true.”

Gen. Milley’s insights provide a glimpse into the changing dynamics of UFO discussions. Once easily dismissed as fodder for science fiction enthusiasts, UFO sightings now command attention at the highest levels of the Pentagon, Congress, media and even the scientific community.

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Shifting the discussion to more explainable sightings, Milley mentioned the Chinese spy balloon incident.

“Most of it, actually, they can explain away by a variety of things, like balloons, for example,” he remarked. “The whole Chinese balloon thing comes to mind.”

Respecting the gravity of Grusch’s claims, especially given they were made under oath and in a national setting, Milley emphasized the variety of perspectives within an organization as vast as the Defense Department.

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