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Drone flies near hospital as helicopter landed

Glens Falls Hospital (Glens Falls Hospital/Facebook)
August 03, 2023

An unauthorized drone flight over Glens Falls Hospital, at the same time that a Life Flight emergency transport helicopter was landing on Monday, July 31, could have been catastrophic and put lives at risk, hospital officials reported in a press release Tuesday, Aug. 1.

Security officers spotted the drone over the hospital property when the helicopter was landing at the helipad near the Emergency Department, Vice President of Hospital Community Engagement’s Ray Agnew said in an interview.

His office released the information as a reminder to the community that the airspace around the hospital is private property and permission is required in order to operate a drone over it. Agnew said it’s important that recreational drone flyers know when and where they can take off and land.

“It’s the first one I have heard about, it’s rare that it happens,” he said.

They did not know who was flying the drone.

The hospital uses drones for inspection of the facility and promotional efforts, piloted by licensed professionals with a flight plan filed with the Federal Aviation Association.

On Wednesday, there will be a professional drone flight that has been scheduled with the FAA and a certified pilot.

“In the past, like last winter, they shot some promotional footage and are scheduled to be shooting some summer footage this week,” Agnew said.

Because of Warren County Airport in Queensbury, the city falls within Class E airspace and drones largely cannot fly without permission and a flight plan.

The hospital operates in the same area that drones can fly with permission up to 100 feet, according to the FAA UAS Data Map. However, all drone flight plans must be scheduled and approved by the FAA.

Airspace restrictions are commonly in affect over stadiums and at sporting events, near airports, designated national security sensitive facilities such as military bases or national landmarks, and more.

According to the FAA’s website, a recreational flyer can fly in controlled airspace if they have an airspace authorization from the FAA prior to flight through the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, a collaboration between FAA and private industry partners.

Hospital officials ask that people do not operate private drones near or over Glens Falls Hospital. If someone has a reason to obtain drone footage of the hospital, they may contact the Hospital and Community Engagement office by calling 518-926-5900, or email [email protected].


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