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Viral Video: Army veteran destroys gun to protest ‘all the guns in Texas’

State and regional law enforcement seized 114 guns in the Los Angeles area. (Eric Licas, Orange County Register/SCNG/TNS)
July 03, 2023

A self-identified Army veteran went viral over the weekend on Twitter in a video showing himself smashing his personal gun with a sledge hammer.

Veteran Jason Rogers recorded a video of himself smashing a gun on the ground with a sledge hammer in protest of gun ownership in the state of Texas.

“I’m an Army veteran,” Rogers captioned the video. “And I’m sick of all the guns here in Texas, so I’m starting with mine.”

With over 6.6 million views for his video, Rogers received mixed feedback from Americans. On one hand, some Twitter users commented in agreement with Rogers, claiming that Rogers’ video was “cool,” with others adding that they wanted to “see someone smash an AR-15.”

On the other hand, many users commented in sharp disagreement with Rogers and defended America’s Second Amendment. Multiple Twitter users claimed they had purchased additional guns and ammunition or were on their way to a store to purchase additional firepower after watching his video.

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Other users sarcastically congratulated Rogers for destroying his gun, adding, “All you’ve actually managed to accomplish is advertise your mental instability and your willingness to be unarmed,” while still others suggested that Rogers was more interested in “farming attention online” for the sake of his “ego,” than doing anything substantive with regard to gun control.

A final group of people who commented on Rogers’ video post consisted of other Army veterans, who heavily criticized him for speaking out against the lawful gun ownership of American citizens.

One Army veteran described gun control as “treason against the United States.”

“The purpose for the 2nd Amendment at the federal level is for the purpose of national defense, namely Congress’ power ‘to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasion;’ IAW Art. 1, Sec. 8, § 15,” he wrote. “We, The People are the Militia. So, since you have violated your oath of enlistment, how would you like to be punished?”