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New Navy ‘LGBTQ+’ video sparks intense backlash: ‘Beginning of the end for the US’

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July 03, 2023

A video released by the U.S. Navy, which featured Rear Adm. Mike Brown promoting the Navy’s inclusion of LGBTQ+ members, resulted in significant backlash on social media over the weekend.

In the Navy’s promotional video on Instagram, Brown said it is “wonderful” that the Navy has made policy changes that allow LGBTQ+ members of the military to “serve openly and actively” while striving to “give their best self every day” for the Navy.

While the Navy has implemented policies and procedures that reflect the military’s recent push for the LGBTQ+ agenda, Brown said there currently are still “barriers” that prevent “total inclusion” in the Navy.

“We need to recognize that,” he said. “We also need to recognize that Navy taking steps to both identify and remove those barriers, that’s not done out of any special preference, that’s not done out of any exclusion to any other populations, but it’s a necessary effort to make sure that the chief of naval operations and our operational commanders are getting the very best from six to eight to 10 percent of our force that identify as LGBTQ+.”

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The Navy’s Instagram account included a written caption with the promotional video clip, claiming, “We owe it to our people to create an environment that recruits and retains diverse and technically skilled personnel.”

The caption highlighted the need to “get the best from the best” by equipping “ready, resilient, and strong warfighting teams” of Navy recruits.

While some Instagram users expressed approval of the Navy’s video on LGBTQ+ inclusiveness, the majority of users commented on the “sad” state of the Navy’s leadership, urging that the U.S. needs to “clean out the Navy of these woke deviants.”

One user commented, “Lets see how our woke military responds to the requirement of force projection when the fight starts. This is NOT who we are at all,” while another Instagram user added, “This is the beginning of the end for the United States.”

Other social media users suggested that the Navy does not “owe the troops diversity,” but instead owes soldiers “ethical leadership.”

Still others warned that the United States would lose if World War III started “tomorrow” and that China and Russia are “laughing at us” due to the military’s emphasis on LGBTQ+ inclusiveness.

“How about you focus on training the best and most skilled soldiers in the world and not worry about if Private Smithers cries at night because his sarge called him ‘he’ instead of ‘they’?” one user concluded.