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Fmr. National Intelligence director warns of DOJ ‘cultural problem’

President Donald Trump meets with the Republican Study Committee regarding healthcare in the Oval Office, Friday, March 17, 2017. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)
July 04, 2023

John Ratcliffe, former National Intelligence director, recently warned of a “cultural problem” within the Department of Justice, causing a “disparity in treatment.”

During an appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News, Ratcliffe discussed the Hunter Biden probe, as well as the way the Department of Justice handled the investigation into the president’s son. Ratcliffe explained that the Hunter Biden probe has demonstrated that there no longer is a question of whether or not the Department of Justice has administered “fair and impartial” justice, but that there is a question regarding who is involved in “obstructing that justice.”

“There’s been so much talk about the perception of a two-tiered system of justice,” he said. “I think we’re way past that. It’s very clearly a reality.”

Asked about the Justice Department and mainstream media’s downplay and discrediting of the existence of the Hunter Biden laptop, Ratcliffe said it is “just one of many circumstances” that showcase the “disparity in that case.” He accused the media of “amplifying a lie” by discrediting the Hunter Biden laptop when it “clearly showed” evidence that is “now coming to light” and being “verified by whistleblowers” as a result of the House Republicans’ efforts to investigate the Biden family.

According to Ratcliffe, the cases surrounding Hunter Biden’s “gun and tax crimes,” as well as Joe Biden’s retention of classified documents while serving as a senator, are “the two easiest cases to prosecute in Washington.” Ratcliffe noted that the Department of Justice has not issued felony recommendations in either situation, despite recommendations being made by experts.

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Elaborating on the allegations surrounding Joe Biden’s retention of classified documents during his time in the U.S. Senate, Ratcliffe said that while presidents, vice presidents, and members of the executive branch are authorized at certain times to possess classified documents, “senators and congressmen never are.”

“The fact that Senator Joe Biden was in possession in two different locations of those documents, that’s the easiest case in the world, you know, to prove beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said. “And yet we’ve heard nothing from the special counsel appointed by the Biden administration in that case.”

Ratcliffe claimed both cases highlight the “disparity” that Americans are seeing in the Justice Department. He suggested that the next president will not only be responsible for replacing the attorney general and the director of the FBI but will also have to “turn these entities inside out” in order to address “the cultural problem in the Justice Department.”

Ratcliffe said the Justice Department has had a “cultural problem” ever since Eric Holder, former attorney general, claimed to be “Barack Obama’s wingman.” According to Ratcliffe, Holder used his position to “embed partisans” in both the Justice Department and the FBI.

“I think, you know, to identify this as a small problem is a mistake,” he said. “It’s a cultural problem. It’s not a one-off issue. We’re seeing it over and over again where there is a disparity of treatment within the Department of Justice.”