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Biden admin. planning to make AI systems ‘woke,’ watchdog group claims

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the passage of S. 2938, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, June 25, 2022, at the White House. (Official White House Photo by Erin Scott)
July 09, 2023

The American Accountability Foundation, a conservative watchdog group, recently warned that the Biden administration is actively using artificial intelligence to promote “woke” ideology.

“They have plans to rig AI in the name of fighting ‘algorithmic discrimination,’ ‘harmful bias,’ and ‘data that fails to account for existing systemic biases in American society,’” the American Accountability Foundation tweeted on June 25.

According to Fox News, the American Accountability Foundation researched the Biden administration’s plans for artificial intelligence prior to releasing a memo that Biden administration officials are planning to feed artificial intelligence platforms with “dangerous ideologies.”

American Accountability Foundation President Tom Jones told Fox News that the Biden administration is “trying to rig AI to follow the woke left’s rules” by claiming it is “fighting ‘algorithmic discrimination’ and ‘harmful bias.’”

Jones claims that Biden is receiving technology policy advisement “not by scientists, but by radically obsessed social academics and activists.”

“We’re already seen the biggest tech firms in the world, like Google under Eric Schmidt, use their power to push the left’s agenda,” he said. “This would take the tech/woke alliance to a whole new, truly terrifying level.”

American Accountability Foundation’s research revealed that President Joe Biden’s Office of Science and Technology Policy Director Arati Prabhakar stated in March that the president signed an executive order promoting “data equity,” and directing agencies to fight “algorithmic discrimination” and utilize artificial intelligence to promote “equity.”

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According to the American Accountability Foundation, the White House’s Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence released the National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan in May, emphasizing the need for more resources to fight “harmful biases” and warning, “AI systems are prone to ‘hallucinate’ and recapitulate biases derived from the unfiltered data from the internet used to train them.”

The foundation’s research also showed how EqualAI collaborated with the World Economic Forum in 2021 to launch the “EqualAI Badge Program,” which trains artificial intelligence companies to “ensure their brand is known for its responsible and inclusive practices.”

In addition to the watchdog group’s warning about artificial intelligence, Tesla CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk also warned about the danger of “woke” artificial intelligence last December. “The danger of training AI to be woke — in other words, lie — is deadly,” he tweeted.

The American Accountability Foundation has explained that its recent research into the Biden administration’s efforts to use artificial intelligence to push progressive ideology is only the first step in its investigation into “woke” artificial intelligence.

“This has been PART ONE of our investigation into WOKE AI,” the foundation tweeted, “Stay tuned for more… What we have found will shock you…”