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U.S. Army birthday to celebrate 248 years of service

US Army 248 years of service (US Army/Facebook)

On June 14, the U. S. Army will celebrate 248 years of service as the land branch of the Armed Forces. The country can celebrate by honoring those who have served and are currently serving. This day also reminds the country of the importance of service and the rich history the Army has contributed to in defense of the United States.

“Overall we have approximately 8000 veterans in this area,” said Tara Burnett, Executive Director, H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum. “We don’t have our calculations broken down by branches. However, our museum does have one room dedicated specifically for the Army for the public to view.”

The National Museum of the U. S. Army opened November 2020 and is located in Fort Belvoir, VA. On June 10th, the Museum celebrated the Army’s birthday with a festival, which include outdoor activities and a ceremony.The Museum is the first comprehensive and truly national museum to capture, display and interpret over 245 years of Army history. The Museum brings to life that history in times of war and peace as told through the eyes of Soldiers.

The Army has its roots in the Continental Army, which was formed on 14 June 1775 to fight the American Revolutionary War (1775 — 1783) before the United States was established as a country.

After the Revolutionary War, the Congress of the Confederation created the United States Army on June 3, 1784, to replace the disbanded Continental Army.The United States Army considers itself to be a continuation of the Continental Army, and thus considers its institutional inception to be the origin of that armed force in 1775.

The army was initially led by men who had served in the British Army or colonial militias and who brought much of British military heritage with them. As the Revolutionary War progressed, French aid, resources and military thinking helped shape the new army.

After the war, the Continental Army was quickly given land certificates and disbanded. State militias became the new nation’s sole ground army, with the exception of a regiment to guard the Western Frontier and one battery of artillery guarding West Point’s arsenal. However, because of continuing conflict with Native Americans, it was soon considered necessary to field a trained standing army.

The U.S. Army fought and won the Mexican — American War (1846 — 1848), which was a defining event for both countries. The U.S. victory resulted in acquisition of territory that eventually became all or parts of the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming and New Mexico.

Following the Civil War, the U.S. Army had the mission of containing western tribes of Native Americans on the Indian reservations. They set up many forts, and engaged in the last of the American Indian Wars.

U.S. Army troops also occupied several Southern states during the Reconstruction Era to protect freedmen.

Starting in 1910, the army began acquiring fixed-wing aircraft. In 1910, during the Mexican Revolution, the army was deployed to U.S. towns near the border to ensure the safety of lives and property. In 1916, Pancho Villa, a major rebel leader, attacked Columbus, New Mexico, prompting a U.S. intervention in Mexico until 7 February 1917. They fought the rebels and the Mexican federal troops until 1918.

In 1939, estimates of the Army’s strength range between 174,000 and 200,000 soldiers. General George C. Marshall became Army chief of staff in September 1939 and set about expanding and modernizing the Army in preparation for war.

Currently, the Army is divided into the Regular Army, the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard.It is the largest military branch, and in the fiscal year 2020, the projected end strength for the Regular Army (USA) was 480,893 soldiers, Army National Guard (ARNG) had 336,129 soldiers and the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) had 188,703 soldiers. The combined-component strength of the U.S. Army was 1,005,725 soldiers.

For more information on the H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum, Tara Burnett, 463 State Hwy 75 North, Huntsville, TX 77320, 936-295-5959.

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