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Epstein’s private calendar shows meetings with CIA director, Obama White House counsel and more: WSJ

Jeffrey Epstein. Victims of Epstein can now apply for compensation. (New York State Sex Offender Registry/TNS)
May 01, 2023

An attorney in former-President Barack Obama’s administration, the president of a private New York college, a left-wing political activist and the current CIA director were among those scheduled to meet with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein before his mysterious death in 2019, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal obtained Epstein’s private calendar, which revealed meetings with now-CIA Director William Burns, Bard College president Leon Botstein, Obama White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler and left-wing political activist Noam Chomsky.

None of their names are found in the Epstein’s flight logs or his infamous contact book, the Journal reported, but the documents showed the sex offender scheduled “multiple meetings with each of them after he had served jail time in 2008 for a sex crime involving a teenage girl and was registered as a sex offender.”

The purpose of the meetings is unknown and it is not clear if the meetings actually occurred.

CIA spokeswoman Tammy Kupperman Thorp told the Journal that now-CIA Director Burns met with Epstein a decade ago when he was considering leaving government service.

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“The director did not know anything about him, other than that he was introduced as an expert in the financial services sector and offered general advice on transition to the private sector,” she said. “They had no relationship.”

The relationship between Ruemmler, who is now a top lawyer at Goldman Sachs, and Epstein was professional, a Goldman Sachs spokesman said, adding that Epstein connected Ruemmler with legal clients, including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

“I regret ever knowing Jeffrey Epstein,” Ruemmler said.

Chomsky told the Journal that his relationship with Epstein is “none of your business,” adding that he “knew him and we met occasionally.”

Botstein, who had dozens of meetings schedule with Epstein, told the Journal that he was trying to solicit donations for Bard College.

“I was an unsuccessful fundraiser and actually the object of a little bit of sadism on his part in dangling philanthropic support,” Botstein said. “That was my relationship with him.”

“We looked him up, and he was a convicted felon for a sex crime,” Botstein said, noting that the college offers a program that provides education to prisoners. “We believe in rehabilitation.”