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Video: Pizza delivery driver trips suspect in police chase, doesn’t drop pizza

Troops enjoy pizza provided by the American Red Cross at the Joint COVID-19 Response Center, Task Force Safeguard on Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan, Dec. 23, 2020. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Alex Fairchild)
April 17, 2023

A pizza delivery driver recently played a key role in a high-speed police chase, sticking his foot in front of a suspect sprinting through a customer’s yard in Middleton Township, Pennsylvania.

Doorbell camera footage captured the fleeing suspect being tripped and arrested, all while the delivery driver kept his grip on the pizza, which he then delivered successfully, local news outlet WPVI reported.

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The pizzeria where the driver worked, Cocco’s Pizza, posted the full footage on Facebook. A local news broadcast of the key moment can be seen below.

The video shows delivery driver Tyler Morell on a customer’s porch on Sunday, April 16 when they both notice the police chase spilling onto the residential street. Morell walks toward the road as the customer screams. 

When a suspect exits the car and runs toward Morell, the driver trips him. The suspect tumbles to the ground, his momentum carrying him nearly the length of an adjacent car.

“A car just came up doing like 75,” Morell said in an interview, according to WPVI. “He beached on the side of this person’s lawn and almost took out a couple of cars.

“I started walking towards the road, but I couldn’t do anything with my hands because I’m holding the pizza, so I just stuck my leg out,” he said.

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“I am so sick of seeing crime go on, especially half a mile down the road,” he added. “So if they needed a hand or a foot, I was there.”

The person who ordered the pizza, Danielle Yeager, said, “10 out of 10 delivery.”

The incident came as police were chasing a stolen Kia after 3:30 p.m. Sunday, WPVI reported. Brookhaven Chief of Police Michael Vice said the delivery driver “gave us the help we needed.”

“By tripping him, it gave us the time to catch up with the gentleman,” Vice said.

The suspect Morell tripped was a juvenile, WPVI reported, and another arrested suspect who remained seated in the car was 19. 

Both are now facing multiple charges, including fleeing and eluding, resisting arrest, and several traffic charges, according to WPVI.