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Elon Musk calls for Jan. 6 Shaman to be released from prison

Elon Musk. (Suzanne Cordeiro/For the Austin American-Statesman/TNS)
March 14, 2023

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has called for the so-called QAnon Shaman, Jacob Chansley, to be released from prison after the full video footage of the Jan. 6 Capitol storming was released.

The call for Chansley’s release comes after Fox News host Tucker Carlson broadcast new footage of events in the Capitol that day. The footage appeared to show Chansley being escorted throughout the building by police officers. 

After tweeting “Free Jacob Chansley,” Musk told a replier, “I’m not part of MAGA, but I do believe in fairness of justice.” 

“Chansley was falsely portrayed in the media as a violent criminal who tried to overthrow the state and who urged others to commit violence,” Musk said.

Musk concluded, “But here he is urging people to be peaceful and go home. And the other video shows him calmly walking in the Capitol building, being escorted by officers and then thanking the officers.” 

One user replied, “Clowns like Jacob Chansley who were there to overturn the Presidential election results do not deserve to be free.” 

Another user tweeted, “if only you used your influence for good” 

Other users were quick to defend Musk, with one user tweeting, “Rapists and child abusers have been sentenced to less time than this cosplay’ing-fool (admittedly, a trespasser) was sentenced. This is clearly reasonably-exculpatory evidence that should’ve been provided to his lawyer and released to the public, as well.” 

Another user tweeted, “Watch the media claim that you ‘supported the J6 insurrection’ with this tweet, ignoring the fact that Chansley’s trial was a sham as his defense wasn’t allowed access to many of these videos that are now surfacing. He deserves to be freed.” 

“Dilbert” creator Scott Adams is also calling for Republican lawmakers to shut down Congress in an unlikely attempt at forcing the President Joe Biden’s administration to pardon Chansley. 

Adams tweeted, “Republicans need to shut down Congress until the Q-anon Shaman is released without charges or pardoned by Biden.”  

“We’ve seen enough. A line has been crossed. Close the government.”