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Experience the Thrill of War with These 4 Epic Army-Themed Online Games

Two Men Holding Rifle and Pistol (Alex Andrews/Released)
February 28, 2023

Online games come in all kinds of flavors; from the traditional ones like those you can find at online casino ca to others with special themes. Army-themed online games for example, are among the favorites for many gamers. We rank a few of them below for you to explore.

Ranking the Top 4 Army-Themed Online Games

  1. Hell Let Loose

    Hell Let Loose is an FPS based on World War II. The video game transports players to iconic battlefields, where you will be another soldier attempting to assist your group’s triumph. There is lots of action-packed warfare with fights of 50 vs. 50, and participants may converse using the in-game VoIP system. Players will not only be able to employ several classic weaponry but also deploy vehicles, artillery support and place traps or barriers to hold the line further.

    Because there are more methods to learn here, it is recommended that you play and converse with a group of people if you are not joining up with some pals. As a result, this is a very team-oriented game in which everyone has a duty and must stay with it to win.
  2. Squad

    Squad is another military-focused strategic FPS that has received great feedback from critics and players alike. It’s a game that pits players against one hundred other players in team-based warfare. This is not a game where you can just walk in and enjoy a free-for-all experience since the developers and players want to make it a genuine experience. Aside from the authentic weaponry, vehicles, and atmosphere, one of the most crucial components of this gameplay is the VoIP system mentioned in the title.
  3. Pavlov VR

    Pavlov VR is for gamers who appreciate virtual reality gaming. In numerous respects, this military shooter is comparable to Counter-Strike. Players can play online or offline with bots, with various game modes ranging from standard deathmatches to more innovative game variants like Pistol Game, which compensates players with a different weapon every time they complete a kill. 

    Meanwhile, players can carry firearms on either side of their bodies or their backs; however, the larger the weapon, the smoother it is to handle shots and aim when using both hands. Players can also create their own maps to give them something fresh to test out. 
  4. Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, a new edition in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior gaming franchise, was released in 2021. If you’ve played the previous chapters, you’ll know that this is yet another tactical shooter with a lot of stealth throughout.

    This round, you’re in the Middle East, taking on contracts to eliminate specific targets. The game is well-known for its use of long-range sniper guns. There’s also a lot of realism in these games since the makers include a variety of weaponry and armored vehicles for you to use.

    Missions will also provide players some leeway in approaching an objective. You may plot an up-close attack and stealthily take down your victim with a blade, or you could keep your distance and pick out your targets with a sniper rifle; the choice is entirely up to the player.