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AF vets testify that UFOs shut down 10 nukes, shot missile out of sky

The Department of Defense released 3 unclassified Navy videos from 2004 and 2015 showing “unidentified aerial phenomena” on April 27, 2020. (DOD/Released)
February 22, 2023

Two Air Force veterans say they have testified to the federal government about UFOs that allegedly shot a test missile out of the sky and suddenly disabled 10 nuclear warheads with no explanation.

Robert Salas, a former ICBM launch officer, and Robert Jacobs, another former Air Force officer, have recounted those experiences from the 1960s to the government’s new All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, the Daily Mail reported.

That office was formed last year by the Department of Defense to investigate reports of “anomalous, unidentified space, airborne, submerged and transmedium objects,” as described by a press release. Its creation followed a high-profile Pentagon report’s disclosure of more than 140 times troops had spotted “unidentified aerial phenomena” that were never explained.

This year’s annual military budget called for UAP reports to be investigated dating as far back as Jan. 1, 1945. 

Now AARO has reportedly heard testimony from Salas about an alleged 1967 incident, in which 10 nuclear missiles were inexplicably disabled for several hours at Montana’s Malmstrom Air Force Base after an unidentified object flew over the installation. Pentagon officials previously said they had heard the story but had no official data on it, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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Salas said his testimony finally came after five decades of wanting to tell the story to a government agency.

“It was a great big relief,” he said. “They were very magnanimous. They listened intently. … I’m more confident now than I was going in that they’re trying to make a sincere effort.”

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AARO has also now heard from Jacobs, who was filming a test missile launch in 1964 when a saucer-shaped object allegedly fired beams of light at the warhead, causing it to tumble out of the sky. 

Jacobs described his testimony session as “the most sensitive, the most honest, the most welcoming interview that I’ve ever had regarding this subject.”

“The government finally listened,” he said. “I’m not sure who they’re going after next. But I have great faith in this organization, as much as I’ve had in any government.”