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Video: Man hurls racist insults at soldiers while chasing them around mall

A soldier encourages his teammate to walk away from a man hurling racist insults at him. (Screenshot)
November 29, 2022

A man caught viral attention recently after he filmed himself following a group of U.S. Army soldiers around a mall, hurling racist remarks at the troops and asking if they had were exporting “sodomy,” among other comments.

The incident likely took place at a mall in Poland, as the man referred to the country during his video. A Twitter user who identified himself as an Army officer, shared the video and commended the soldiers for maintaining their composure throughout the incident.

Viewer discretion for these videos is advised:

The video begins as the man who filmed it approached the group of four soldiers, asking, “Are you guys Americans?” The man then asks, “Are you guys here to spread sodomy or what?” The group of soldiers initially just laughs off the question and walks away, but the man filming continues to follow the soldiers, asking, “Isn’t [sodomy] what America’s number one export is?”

As the man continues to follow the soldiers, he continues to ask the soldiers about the top U.S. export.

“Is it George Floyd culture?” the filmmaker asks, referring to a black man who died in Minneapolis police custody in May of 2020.

Later on, the filmmaker asks, “What do you guys think about your health secretary being a f-cking tranny,” referring to assistant U.S. Health Secretary Rachel Levine, a biological male who identifies as a woman.

“What do you guys think about a country that has — there’s no meaning to being a citizen, like any Mexican crossing the border is literally one of you, what do you guys think?”

The filmmaker then asks, “Are you guy’s here to spread the anal sex?” As one of the soldier’s again laughs at the question, the filmmaker says, “What, isn’t that what you learn in your training? You guys literally have f-cking transsexuals that wear dresses that are your superiors.”

Later on in the interaction, the man filming focuses in on the two soldiers who are the slowest in walking away from him, a white man and a black man. The filmmaker says “keep Poland white, okay?” and as the black soldier looks back, his white teammate puts his hand on his back and encourages him forward despite the remark. The filmmaker then says “stay away from those white women, cause miscegenation used to be a crime in your country.”

The filmmaker appears to break off from the soldiers for a moment and the video is clipped. At some point later, it appears that one of the soldiers says something at the filmmaker who then turns back to the soldiers and begins jogging back towards them, saying, “What are you going to do? You guys are here to spread some f*cking homo worship and you get called out on it, show us what a tough guy you are.”

The pair of soldiers continue to urge each other to walk away from their provocateur and leave the mall. In one of his last barbs at the soldiers, the man filming says, “You’re in a white country now, we don’t worship n—ers and Mexicans.” On that remark, the white soldier appeared to turn back toward the man filming, but his black teammate kept urging him to walk away.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Army spokesman Lt. Col. Terence Kelley said, “The U.S. Army expects all Soldiers to abide by the Army Values, on duty and off. We commend all Soldiers who demonstrate discipline and restraint when confronted by provocative behavior.”

The exact identity of the mall provocateur is unknown but reported he may have been identified as Jon Minadeo Jr., an American citizen whom the publication identified as a neo-Nazi. The Times of Israel reported Minadeo was arrested in Poland in September for holding up a sign outside the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp that read ““Greenblatt suck 6 million dicks,” referring to Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.