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Ret. Navy SEAL: Democrats’ ‘moral decay’ driving down military recruitment

A Special Warfare (SEAL) pin, known as a “Trident,” pinning during graduation ceremony at NSW Center in Coronado, Calif., April 15, 2020. (U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Anthony W. Walker)
October 13, 2022

“Moral decay” encouraged by Democrats is to blame for decreasing enlistment in the armed forces, according to one retired Navy SEAL.

Asked during Fox News’ “Unfiltered” to identify the main problem keeping recruitment numbers down, retired SEAL Drago Dzieran said the culprit is the “deliberate undermining of the moral fabric of our nation.” 

“The attacks on our moral values, on our family, faith and patriotism are producing these results,” Dzieran told host Dan Bongino. “Many young men and women are turning away from traditional moral values, and some of them outright hate America and American ideals.”

Dzieran was born in communist Poland, spent two years imprisoned there and fled to America as a political refugee, according to WFMY News 2.

Now retired after 20 years with the SEALs, he appeared on “Unfiltered” to help explain why the U.S. Army recently missed its yearly recruiting goal by the largest margin on record.

Bongino said he was inclined to blame what he called “wokeism,” but Dzieran pushed back, saying that’s only a symptom of the bigger problem of moral decay. 

He criticized Democrats for “cheering up and celebrating people who were burning and stomping on our flag” and praising National-Anthem-kneelers. Dzieran also alluded to Democrats “physically attacking” political opponents.

The blame widened as Dzieran continued to speak, eventually looping higher education into the picture.

“Our universities did [a] fantastic job denigrating America, teaching hate to America,” he said. “That was something that our higher education had a big role in teaching.”

Dzieran seemed ready to keep going when Bongino cut him off, saying he was out of time.

“Having grown up in a Communist country, you saw this first hand,” Bongino said. “You’ve seen this playbook before.”