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Video: Father shoots, kills daughter’s ex breaking into home

22-year-old James Rayl bodyslams the door of a home in Ohio before he is fatally shot on July 31, 2022. (Screenshot).
September 08, 2022

An Ohio man fatally shot his daughter’s ex-boyfriend as he attempted to break into their home on July 31.

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A Ring video doorbell camera captured the encounter as the ex-boyfriend, identified as 22-year-old James Rayl, ring the doorbell multiple times and then began beating on the door to get in. After he and other family members shouted several warnings, 52-year-old Mitchell Duckro shot Rayl three times, fatally wounding the man.

The fatal encounter first began when Rayl stepped onto the family’s porch and rang their doorbell several times. On the video, someone inside the house can be heard saying “he’s coming back, nope, nope, nope.”

A woman then said over the doorbell’s built in audio-feature “James, she doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Rayl remained on the porch, silent for several moments before he began to bodyslam the door repeatedly.

From inside the house, multiple people could be heard saying “James, no!”

At one point a man inside the home said “get off my porch” and then shouted that he had a gun. Rayl once again bodyslammed the door before three shots rang out. Rayl appeared to have been hit by all three shots.

After the first shot, Rayl stepped back from the door. Two more shots appeared to land as he stumbled off the porch and collapsed in the driveway.

In police interview footage obtained by the Daily Mail, 22-year-old Allyson Duckro said she had been dating Rayl but said they broke up in 2019. She said she broke up with him because he was ”just being a d***” and “He would just tell me everything that was wrong with me. He would say that no one was going to love me anymore.”

Allyson Duckro said Rayl “changed” after their breakup and his temporary move to California.

The Daily Mail reported Rayl had left Allyson Duckro a voicemail the night before the shooting telling her he wanted to see how she was doing.

Allyson Duckro told police that her ex-boyfriend broke the glass on the door of her home when he tried to break in.

“The door frame slipped off. He started to get in,” she said. “And then I freaked out and ran and hid because I didn’t know what to do.”

Last month, WHIO7 reported a grand jury voted 8-1 against indicting the father, Mitchell Duckro, for fatally shooting Rayl. Ohio has a so-called “Stand Your Ground” law that does not require people to retreat before using deadly force. The state also has a “Castle Doctrine” that also says someone may use deadly force when being attacked inside their home or vehicle.

Rayl’s sister, 28-year-old Jessica Colbert, expressed anger at her brother’s death and said Mitchell Duckro “[Laid] in wait” to shoot Rayl.

Colbert alleged a bias on the part of the Shelby County Sheriff’s department, which investigated the case. Colbert said Allyson “worked as a dispatcher for the office and [her father] is friends with the Sherriff.”

“The cops’ investigation only spent two hours at the crime scene the day that my brother died and I don’t feel as if that was enough time to truly investigate,” Colbert said. “Someone stood there and someone died.”

“I feel Mr. Duckro should be held accountable for his actions, but I feels as if the people who were there that were supposed to be investigating should also be accountable for their actions in all of this as well,” Colbert said.