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Video: Mysterious squid-shaped UFO caught on camera in Hawaii

UFOs (dreese/WikiCommons)
August 16, 2022

A tourist captured a strange UFO on camera while in Hawaii earlier this year. The UFO had a long, white tail reminiscent of a squid. 

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User joeysamante shared the video on the popular social media platform TikTok in April that went viral last week. The video features inquisitory text, which reads, “I was relaxing and I noticed something far up in the sky. What is that?”

Most of the comments on the video suggested that the mysterious flying object was either a balloon or a weather phenomenon. 

“It’s a string of balloons from somebody’s party. It looks like a windy day, so I’d bet the wind just pulled the balloons away,” one wrote. 

“It could also be a contrail. It’s a weather phenomena that occures when the right atmospheric conditions mix with jet exhaust,” another said. 

One commenter said the UFO could be a piece of a Chinese rocket. 

“the chinese rocket ,more parts falling lol” a third wrote. 

UFOs have received renewed attention in recent weeks. For the first time in 32 years, the “best” photo of a UFO ever taken has resurfaced. Known as the “Calvine photo,” two hikers took the picture near Calvine in Scotland on Aug. 4, 1990. In the photo, a diamond-shaped object appears to be flying in the sky. A fighter jet is also captured in the photo, flying behind the mysterious UFO. 

After taking the picture, the two hikers gave the photo to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper. Rather than publish the image, the paper handed the photo over to the British Ministry of Defence, according to Newsweek. The British military kept the photo a secret for decades. 

“Oddly, despite all the publicity, the two chaps who took the photographs have never come forward,” British journalist David Clarke told Newsweek.

“The negatives have never been seen since they reached the Ministry of Defence,” he added. “Now, the Ministry of Defence say that they returned them to the Daily Record, but the Daily Record say they never received them and they have no idea what happened to them. So there’s a lot of questions to be answered.”

In July, the Pentagon announced that it is establishing an office that will focus entirely on investigating UFO sightings. The move came just one month after the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released a report revealing over 140 UFO sightings – also referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) – were reported by military aviators between 2004 and 2021.