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Thousands of rounds of ammo have ‘gone missing’ during UPS shipping

Ammo. (Maxpexel/Released)
August 09, 2022

The CEO of an online ammo retailer said last week that thousands of rounds of ammunition have “gone missing” during transit, particularly when shipped through UPS. 

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CEO Patrick Collins of ammunition retailer The Gun Food said of 18,000 rounds of ammo that has been shipped from his company via UPS, just one third made it to their final destination. It is unclear where the remaining 12,000 rounds are.

During an appearance on The Glenn Beck Program, Collins said UPS blames The Gun Food’s packaging for the missing ammo, despite the company having “met and exceeded” packaging expectations. 

“I have pictures of how the packages are packed (and) within the packages,” he explained. “And I have all of that information. In fact, we changed our protocol here at The Gun Food to have our drivers, when they drop off the packages at the centers, they have to actually take a picture of it on the conveyor belt when UPS takes possession of our packages.”

The Glenn Beck Program contacted UPS in an effort to determine why ammo was going missing during delivery. The shipping company’s emailed statement suggested that improper packaging could cause delivery issues. 

“Regarding your question about shipping ammunition, as a common carrier, UPS transports ammunition that constitutes cartridges and small arms as defined in federal regulations. UPS has safety protocols to help ensure the safe transport of ammunition in our network,” UPS wrote, according to Glenn Beck. “We work with our customers to address their concerns including those with packaging. You can find out more about how to ship your ammunition on”

Collins said The Gun Food has worked with UPS for about three years, and added that other companies are also having issues with delivery and missing ammo.

“I know quite a few other folks, that have had well over $300,000 of ammunition gone missing. And it’s really changed the way we have to do our business now,” he said.

“To [UPS], it’s just a write-off. However, it’s becoming a very expensive write-off. I would like to thank you for bringing a lot of attention to this because it really is a big deal,” Collins said to Glenn. “It impacts people on multiple levels, more than your average citizen would think. Imagine if the police department doesn’t receive the ammunition that they need to serve their civil duties.”

Beck suggested theft could be behind the missing ammo shipments. Collins added that ammunition boxes are “easy to identify” due to required markings on the boxes. 

“We tried to hide them in ways so that it’s not as obvious; however, a lot of times, people know what they’re grabbing once they grab the box or, perhaps, even shake it,” Collins said. 

Democrats and the Biden administration have ramped up calls for more gun and ammo control in recent months, and last month, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass a sweeping “assault weapons” ban bill.