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West Point alumni accuse academy of ‘anti-American woke political indoctrination’ in letter

United States Military Academy cadets watch the 2019 Army Navy Game in Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 14, 2019. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Dana Clarke)
July 15, 2022

Three retired U.S. military officers and alumni of the United States Military Academy at West Point signed a scathing letter in May slamming the school’s “anti-American, anti-Constitution agenda” being pushed by “woke” leaders through “political indoctrination” driven by mandatory vaccinations that violate religious freedom, Critical Race Theory, and socialist ideology.

The letter – signed by LTG Thomas McInerney, USAF; MG Paul Vallely, U.S. Army; and Colonel Andrew O’Meara Jr., U.S. Army – is entitled “Declaration of Betrayal of West Point And the Long Gray Line” by “Concerned Graduates of West Point.”

In the letter, the officers asserted that it is their “sacred duty” as members of The Long Gray Line – an assembly of West Point graduates – to “challenge dysfunctional conduct or rogue behavior, such as that which has come to dominate West Point.”

The officers stated that “it is not the purpose of the military to help advance the anti-American, anti-Constitution agenda of leftist ideologues. But the military is being forced by WOKE leaders in the White House, Congress, Department of Defense, and Pentagon, to do just that: advance a leftist agenda that seeks to tear down the Constitution, not protect it.”

The letter goes on to accuse the U.S. military of forcing officers and enlisted troops to “sit through leftist indoctrination sessions that portray America as an inherently racist nation, white troops as genetically bigoted, and minority troops as hopeless, lifelong victims.”

“The Biden Administration seeks to divorce military service from defense of the Constitution by replacing allegiance to the Constitution with Critical Race Theory. This prepares the military for their role in support of an overthrow of the government and the Constitutional order,” the letter continued. “By forcing the military to undergo liberal socialist indoctrination they sever the linkage between US military service and support for the Constitution. That action, which violates the Constitution, also violates the oath of office.”

“Civilian faculty members have introduced political indoctrination into academic instruction to include socialist ideology that runs counter to the noble principles of the Constitution,” the letter added. “The corruption of cadet instruction with socialist doctrine is further demonstrated by a pronounced bias in the selection of guest speakers, who have been almost exclusively liberal. We could not identify any conservative speakers in recent years.”

The officers also highlighted “very troubling” instances of “Academy Staff requiring cadets to violate their religious beliefs contrary to the religious freedom long observed by the Academy” by forcing Cadets to submit to “vaccinations with experimental drugs never approved by the FDA.”

Additionally, the officers called out the use of Critical Race Theory in classroom instruction, which they asserted “severs the ties of every cadet to defense of the Constitution, thereby nullifying the oath cadets have sworn to uphold.”

“Critical Race theory now replaces Duty, Honor, Country. The cumulative impact of these changes has so altered the Military Academy that USMA betrays the purpose for which it was founded in 1802 – defense of our Constitution, and maintenance of individual freedom,” the letter added. “This transformation betrays the purpose of the founders and the sacred principals of the Declaration of Independence.”

The officers ultimately declared that “times like these” are why “God made Patriots.”

“This is no time for summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. Those who have stood in harm’s way are needed now to stand by our oath. It is time to speak truth to power,” the officers wrote. “We either serve Duty, Honor, Country, or we challenge the demands of a secular revolution to fundamentally alter America transforming the Republic into a socialist police state.”