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Video: Hunter Biden argues about cocaine with alleged prostitute in new leaked video

Hunter Biden (Center for Strategic & International Studies/WikiCommons)
July 11, 2022

A newly leaked video shows President Joe Biden’s son Hunter arguing with an alleged prostitute over the amount of crack cocaine he has. The video has been viewed millions of times in less than 24 hours since its posting Sunday night.

In the video, posted on Twitter by Benny Johnson, Hunter Biden is seen with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He takes multiple deep breaths as he turns the camera around to reveal a pile of crack on a scale.

“I just made out the bag,” a woman in the background says. “It’s 2.06.”

“Two point zero seven,” Hunter Biden responds, apparently reading the scale. “Without the bag.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 8 million times on Twitter alone, comes after users on 4chan claimed to have hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud account.

The content shared on 4chan included allegedly photos of text messages involving drug use, money exchanges, and guns, as well as a screenshot that appears to show Hunter kept his father, President Biden, saved as “Pedo Peter” in his contacts.

The leak is the latest in a slew of scandals involving the president’s son.

Earlier this year, The New York Times reported it had “authenticated” materials from a laptop that reportedly belonged to Hunter Biden and which became the topic of controversy in the days before the November 2020 election.

After the New York Post initially reported on the laptop in October 2020, opponents of Biden said the laptop’s contents implicated Hunter, and possibly his father, in questionable business activities in Ukraine and China. Fifty-one former U.S. intelligence officials subsequently signed a letter claiming the laptop was part of a “Russian information operation” and could be Russian disinformation.

Another video also circulated on Twitter over the weekend showing then-Senator Joe Biden in 1991 praising strict punishments for those caught with crack cocaine.

“If you have a piece of crack cocaine no bigger than this quarter that I’m holding in my hand. One quarter of one dollar. We passed a law through the leadership of Senator Thurmond and myself and others, a law that says, ‘If you’re caught with that, you go to jail for five years,” Biden said. “You get no probation. You get nothing other than five years in jail. Judge doesn’t have a choice.”

“Now, the fact of the matter is, we’ve gone from there all the way up to saying, under the leadership of Senator Thurmond, and I’d like to suggest that I take some small credit for it myself, as well, and others, the presiding officer, that there is now a death penalty and we passed it a couple years ago,” he continued.

“If you are a major drug dealer, involved in the trafficking of drugs, and murder results in your activities, you go to death,” Biden added. “And a number of other severe penalties. We changed the law so that if you are arrested and you are a drug dealer, under our forfeiture statutes, you can, the government can, take everything you own. Everything from your car to your house, your bank account. Not merely what they confiscate in terms of the dollars from the transaction that you’ve just got caught engaging in. We can take everything. We have laws in the last several years where we don’t allow judges discretion to sentence people. Flat time sentencing. You get caught, you go to jail.”