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Photos: Mysterious red glow over the Atlantic baffles the internet

A sunset over an ocean. (Photo by Jon Sullivan, Pixnio/released)
July 25, 2022

Photos of an intense fiery red glow over the Atlantic Ocean have left users of a popular Reddit internet forum baffled and guessing what could be going on over the ocean over the weekend.

A Friday post on the r/Damnthatsinteresting subreddit titled “Mysterious red glow seen over the Atlantic, pilot says he’s never seen anything like it. Via July 2022,” shows three photos taken from a high altitude looking down over the Atlantic Ocean. The photos show crimson red spots glowing through a cloud layer below.

The photos quickly set Reddit users off into debate about what exactly they were seeing.

“History Channel watcher here. That’s aliens,” wrote one Reddit user.

“The rift is open, the Kaiju are coming,” another Redditor wrote, referencing the 2013 movie “Pacific Rim,” which features gigantic interdimensional monsters known as “Kaiju” arriving on Earth through an interdimensional portal in the Pacific Ocean.

Several other Redditors drew comparisons between the red glow from the pictures and red glow from another interdimensional portal to “The Upside Down” in the science fiction Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

“Just another Stranger Things PR stunt” one Reddit post read.

One Redditor shared a slightly more grounded theory that “It’s so hot the ocean is getting wildfires now.” The comment prompted another Redditor to share a video of a fire burning below the waves from an offshore drilling site in the Gulf of Mexico last year.

Another Reddit user linked to an article from the Guardian, describing a pink glow in the sky around Victoria, Australia that turned out to be the red spectrum growing lights from a massive medical Cannabis farm.

“‘Mysterious pink glow in sky over Australian town revealed to be from local cannabis facility,'” the Redditor wrote. “So this latest sighting is probably just a massive underwater cannabis facility. Stoners eh?”

While it is unlikely that anyone is growing a massive crop of Cannabis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, many Reddit users settled on a similar theory that the red glow would be coming from manmade lights used to attract fish.

“I believe this to be fishing vessels using strong red lights to attract saury,” a Redditor wrote.

A fishing vessel equipped with red LED panels to attract fish. (YouTube Screenshot)

“They are boats equipped with large arrays of red LED panels for Saury fishing,” another Redditor said, to which yet another Redditor wrote, “You get your reasonable explanation THE HELL out of our apocalyptic speculation thread!!”