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9/11 families angered over Biden fist bump with Saudi crown prince

Joe Biden and Saudi Crown Prince (Vinicius mad/Wikipedia)

The 9/11 family members suing Saudi Arabia over the kingdom’s reported links to the terror attacks are demanding a sit-down with President Biden after his fist bump with the crown prince.

“It pains us to say it, but you are the first President since the September 11 Attacks who has not met with the families and survivors. Yet you just traveled halfway around the world to fist-bump Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman where he had the gall to lecture you about human rights and ‘values,’” said Terry Strada, 9/11 Families United national chair.

Strada, whose husband Tom was killed in the World Trade Center’s North Tower on 9/11, wrote a letter to the White House seeking the meeting. She penned it after seeing Biden fist bump with the crown prince while in Saudi Arabia late last week.

The 9/11 Families United group has over 10,000 members who lost loved ones in the terror attacks more than two decades ago — or have kin who have suffered from the toxic fallout from the collapsing towers.

The group is also condemning former President Donald Trump for allowing the LIV Saudi-backed golf tournament from using the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster (NJ) on July 29-31.

As Strada wrote to Biden, they are on a “quest for justice and accountability from the Saudi government” over “recently-declassified evidence of Saudi support for al Qaeda and the terrorists” who hijacked four jets on 9/11 — two out of Logan Airport — bringing America to a standstill and killing nearly 3,000 innocent people in a matter of hours.

“We strongly believe that you had a duty to look MbS in the eye and insist that he acknowledge that individuals and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bear responsibility for the terrorist attacks that murdered our loved ones,” Strada told Biden.

She added in her letter, shared with the Herald, that “it appears from all reports that you refused to raise the issue of September 11, even as you chose to discuss the tragic murder of Jamal Khashoggi. We hope you appreciate how insulting that omission is.”

She ends by saying she wants to meet with the president “face-to-face.”


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