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Taiwan says its supersonic missiles can strike Beijing

A Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missile. (玄史生, Wikimedia Commons/Released)
June 14, 2022

Taiwanese Legislative Speaker You Si-kun warned China on Sunday that Taiwan possesses supersonic missiles capable of reaching the Chinese capital city of Beijing.

In a speech on Taiwan Overseas Network, which was translated by Taiwan News, You warned China against invading Taiwan and offered the “strategic clarity” of letting China know that a war would also be costly for the mainland.

You, who previously served as the Premiere of Taiwan’s executive branch (a role separate from that of the Taiwanese President) from 2002 to 2005, said that when he was premiere he was made aware of Taiwan’s Yun Feng supersonic cruise missile and its ability to reach Beijing. The Taiwanese lawmaker said he was not permitted to discuss the technical capabilities of the Yun Feng missile at the time, but could now reveal that the missile has since been mass-produced.

With enough range to reach Beijing from Taiwan, the Yun Feng could also theoretically strike the Three Gorges Dam, which could flood Chinese population centers along the Yangtze River.

This missile means Taiwan is not without ways to retaliate if China launches an invasion. You said Taiwan’s government would not initiate hostilities with the Chinese mainland but could impose heavy costs on China if it started a war.

You said Taiwan has another advantage in a potential conflict, with the Taiwan Strait separating the island from the Chinese mainland. Taiwanese anti-ship missiles, like the Hsiung Feng III (Brave Wind III) could destroy Chinese ships as they cross the strait. You said Taiwanese forces could also make it difficult for Chinese forces to establish a beachhead after they land.

Still, You said Taiwan will need help from democracies around the world to hold back China. The will of the Taiwanese people to fight could also prove critical.

“If the landing is successful, everyone in Taiwan must be as determined to die as Ukraine,” You said, according to Liberty Times Net. “Go out and never let China swallow Taiwan.”

You raised alarm that Taiwan may not be sending a strong enough message now about its willingness to fend off an attack. He noted a shortage of troops in the Taiwanese military recruitment system. He also raised concerns that Taiwan’s period of compulsory military service may not be long enough.

“Taiwan’s service period is too short, only 4 months. In contrast, Singapore’s service period is 24 months, South Korea’s is 18 months to 23 months, and Finland’s 12 months,” You said, adding that the current Taiwanese military recruitment system should be reviewed.

You said, “If Taiwan itself does not have the will to defend itself, no matter how good the weapons and armaments and natural dangers in the strait are, it is useless.”