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Russia says it’s ready for ‘big, colossal war’ with NATO

A Russian T-90 main battle tank. (Vitaliy Ragulin/Wikimedia Commons)
June 20, 2022

The Russian military is ready for a potentially massive conflict with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, according to a retired Russian general and member of the country’s legislature on Friday.

During a panel discussion on the state-run Russia 1 channel, “Evening with Vladimir Solovyev” host Vladimir Solovyev asked the panel to assess why Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine had elicited so much support for the Ukrainian government from the countries in the western NATO alliance. During the discussion, Russian military general-turned-lawmaker Andrei Gurulyov said Russia is preparing for everything, including “a big colossal war” with NATO, should the current conflict in Ukraine escalate.

“Let’s look at current military operations,” Gurulyov began his remarks before describing the support NATO has provided to Ukraine’s government thus far.

“They thought they could stop us with Soviet arms, but they couldn’t stop us,” Gurulyov said. He also said NATO had thought the fighting in Ukraine might die down after Russian forces backed away from the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, but the conflict has only continued.

“They’re starting to realize that sooner or later, we will achieve the goals set by our president, of the denazification of the entire territory of Ukraine,” Gurulyov added, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claimed reason for ordering the invasion of Ukraine. “This group, with the weapons they already have, with more arms to be delivered, will end up on the borders of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, combat-ready and fully armed. Right now they’re practicing and observing. Every division has NATO instructors. They’re writing instructions on how to use arms, they’re watching how they work and how we respond, how to counteract our means.”

Gurulyov said NATO “made their move. Now it’s our turn. How will we respond to these challenges? We should respond the same way.”

Gurulyov then said, “all modern means should be provided to our armed forces.”

The retired Russian general said Russian forces still have much of Ukraine left to subdue before its forces move far enough west to reach Ukraine’s border with Poland, But, Gurulyov said, Russia’s military production is increasing and once Russian troops reach the western edge of Ukraine, “We have to consider every option up to a big colossal war and be ready for it.”

“Are we ready?” Gurulyov added. “We’re ready.”

Earlier during the panel discussion, commentator Alexander Sosnovsky said western nations had been preparing for a wider conflict with Russia all along and described NATO’s current actions as “egging on the entire world against Russia.”

Sosnovsky also described “NATO’s involvement in a nuclear arms race” which he said could lead to a “potential nuclear conflict.”