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Here’s what Delta Force vets say you should do if US is invaded

Russian paratroopers take part in parachute drop during joint Belarusian-Russian exercise "Slavic Brotherhood-2020." (Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation/Released)
May 19, 2022

In an interview with the Daily Caller published Thursday, veterans of the U.S. Army’s elite Delta Force unit shared their advice on how U.S. citizens should respond if the U.S. is ever invaded by a hostile foreign power.

Daily Caller sports and entertainment editor David Hookstead and his panel of former Delta Force operators Brian Gilligan, Bob Keller and Nate Dudley discussed the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and the potential for China to invade Taiwan next. At approximately 1:14:50 in the video below, Hookstead asked the panel what would they do if the U.S. was ever invaded, particularly in a scenario reminiscent of the 1984 classic “Red Dawn.” A

“Shoot straight, first of all, right,” Gilligan said. “Make sure you’ve got your reserve of ammo, right, your bunker or your crew of friends that you’re going to go hide up in the mountains with, right. Cause that’s all you need is a few good friends to make a difference.”

“Bring it,” added Keller, who is a fan of the film. “That would be like my dream come true finally and now I have training. I might be old but God damn, bring it. That shit would be — I mean good luck coming fucking here. It would be a joke. Look at how long they’ve been in Ukraine, that was supposed to be two or three days.”

Keller said it wouldn’t matter which nation tried to invade the U.S.

“We still have enough good Americans with weapons that shit wouldn’t last a fucking day,” Keller said.

Dudley said if he saw foreign paratroopers falling from the sky over the U.S. he would grab his “[6.5mm bolt-action rifle] and start shooting them out of the sky, personally.”

Dudley endorsed the tactics shown in “Red Dawn,” where a group of high-school-aged Americans resisted Russian invasion forces by launching hit-and-run attacks throughout Colorado’s mountainous terrain.

“I think ‘Red Dawn,’ like the original ‘Red Dawn’ [not the 2012 remake] was a good plan of action,” Dudley said. “They did a lot of the right things. The only thing I’d add to it is get away from any sort of critical infrastructure or cities because nothing’s going to save you from bombs.

Earlier in the interview, Dudley said that since Russia invaded Ukraine “the only goal that makes sense” for the U.S. response is “preventing China from invading Taiwan.” Dudley said he’s skeptical Russia could expand its invasion beyond Ukraine and into other countries in Europe, but said if it does “that’s Europe’s problem.”

Gilligan then joked that if the price of diesel doesn’t drop soon “I’m going to get pissed and I’m going to grab my shit and I’m going to go overseas and I’m going to have to do fucking something about it.”