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Chinese military leaked audio reveals Taiwan invasion plans

Soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/WikiCommons)
May 28, 2022

A recently leaked audio recording of a Chinese military meeting revealed Chinese officials planning to invade the island of Taiwan.

On Monday, LUDE Media shared an audio recording on YouTube that they claim was taken during a May 14 high-level meeting of the Central Military Commission for China’s Guangdong province. Chinese dissident activist Jennifer Zeng shared the video on her blog on Saturday, along with her translation of what Chinese military officials said during the meeting.

“We won’t hesitate to start a war, crush Taiwan’s independence and strong enemies’ plots, and resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” one official at the meeting said, according to Zeng’s translation. “This is the Party Central Committee, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major strategic decision to coordinate the big pictures of international and domestic affairs, as well as the overall strategic situation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

LUDE Media claimed the 56-minute recording is the first time a top-secret Chinese People’s Liberation Army meeting has been recorded and shared with the public since the start of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. LUDE Media said the recording was taken by a group of senior members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who risked their lives to “expose the evil plan of Xi Jinping and the CCP to the civilized world.”

According to Zeng’s translation, the Chinese military officials spoke in specific detail about the number of troops and equipment they would need to invade Taiwan. As they discussed invading Taiwan, one official said the mobilization tasks before the invasion include “20 categories and 239 items, mainly 1,358 detachments of various types with a total of 140,000 personnel, 953 ships of various types, and 1,653 units/sets of various unmanned equipment.”

“Other resources include 20 airports and docks, 6 repair and shipbuilding yards, 14 emergency transfer centers, and resources such as grain depots, hospitals, blood stations, oil depots, gas stations, etc,” the official added.

The official then said China’s national defense mobilization recruitment office “will recruit new military service personnel, retired military personnel, and special talents totaling 15,500 people from [China’s Guangdong province.”

The Guangdong province is located almost directly across the Taiwan Strait from the southern tip of Taiwan.

“The National Defense Commission clearly stated that our province shall coordinate the implementation of the seven types of national level warfare resources,” the official said, “including, mainly, 64 10,000-ton roll-on/roll-off ships, 38 aircraft, 588 train cars and 19 civil facilities including airports and docks.”

An official said the Guangdong province will fully support “the decisive battle at the Taiwan Strait” including by offering logistical support for Chinese troops being ferried from the mainland onto the island of Taiwan.

“In particular, we should mobilize and expropriate all sea and air transport capacity to protect the across sea cooperation of troops, to ensure that the island seizing troops can get across the sea, and more troops can follow to seize the island,” the official said.

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden said he would intervene militarily if China were to invade Taiwan. In response to Biden, Chinese officials warned that they would defend their claims of sovereignty over Taiwan and called on the U.S. to stop “sending any wrong signal to the ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces.”