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Poll: More than half of American voters think Biden compromised by China

President Joe Biden, Nov. 15, 2021, on the South Lawn of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith)
April 22, 2022

A new poll shows that most Americans believe President Joe Biden is compromised by China due to his family’s personal business dealings with the communist nation.

According to a nationwide survey conducted April 5-8 by The Trafalgar Group, 52.3 percent of Americans agree that it is “very likely” Biden is “conflicted/compromised when dealing with China due to the Biden family’s personal business dealings in China.”

Another 11.4 percent said that it was “somewhat likely” the president is compromised on China.

Just 36.4 believe that it is either “somewhat unlikely” or “very unlikely.”

The survey included 1079 respondents described as “likely general election voters.”

Broken down by political affiliation, 34.4 percent agreed it is “likely” Biden is compromised, whereas 65.8 percent said it is “unlikely.”

Republicans, on the other hand, overwhelmingly believe the president is compromised by China, with 85.8 percent saying it is “likely.” Just 14.2 said it is “unlikely.”

A whopping 72 percent of unaffiliated voters also believe Biden is compromised, compared to 28 percent who disagree.

Last week, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon predicted that President Biden “will be” impeached when the House flips to GOP control after the midterm elections in November. Bannon said he believes the impeachment will be justified through the contents of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell.”

“This information shows a compromise of Biden by the Chinese Communist Party, and quite frankly by others including Ukraine. Your viewers will be stunned at the amount of detail of the corruption of the Biden Crime Family,” Bannon said during an appearance on Sky News. “He will be impeached. This will be one of the major parts of it.”

“There’s absolutely amazing incriminating evidence, everything from wire transfers to cheques, that directly ties the Biden family, and Joe Biden himself, to money taken from the Chinese Communist Party,” he continued.

“The high crime and misdemeanor is the fact that they actually took money and then he lied about it,” Bannon added. “Joe Biden has lied about it. He lied about it to the American people. He’s lied about it to his staff. He’s lied about it to everybody.”

Bannon also said Biden’s impeachment will put “enormous pressure” on companies that suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story just weeks before the 2020 presidential election between then-President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“During and after the impeachment, I think, the newspapers, the media that suppressed it, and particularly the tech giants that tried to take down the New York Post, leading with Facebook and Twitter, are going to be under enormous pressure,” he predicted.