Homeowners attacked by armed man who mistook them for hit-and-run drivers, TX cops say

Dallas Police car. (Nine-Twenty/Flickr)

A hit-and-run victim is facing charges after he tried taking matters into his own hands, leading to a violent confrontation outside a Texas home, police said.

Adrian Hill, 44, was with his family the night of Saturday, April 2, when their vehicle was suddenly struck by a dark-colored SUV as they waited at a stoplight, according to police in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb Southlake.

In a 911 call around 9 p.m., Hill’s wife told police that the SUV drove away from the scene, and Hill chased after it.

He followed for about 2 miles, from the intersection of W. Kirkwood Boulevard and the Highway 114 Service Road, to the 200 block of residential Stockton Drive, according to police.

Hill briefly lost sight of the fleeing SUV after it turned onto Stockton, police said, but he soon spotted a similar vehicle parked in a driveway.

A man and woman were inside. Hill parked by them and approached, gun in hand, as they got out, police said.

This was the wrong vehicle and these were the wrong people.

Seeing Hill coming, the other man pulled out a pocket knife and a struggle ensued, Southlake police said.

Both men sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Hill fired one shot during the fight, in the direction of the vehicle and home. Nobody was hit and police later recovered the bullet.

Investigators haven’t found the vehicle that hit Hill and his family, but they determined that the man and woman he confronted outside their home were not involved in the crash.

Hill was arrested on a charge of deadly conduct, police said.

An investigation is underway.


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