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Chinese state reporter slams US over Russia-Ukraine war

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. (Official Internet Resources of the President of Russia/Released)
March 18, 2022

A commentator for the Chinese state-run Global Times criticized the U.S. for demanding China not send weapons to Russia during its war in Ukraine.

Hu Xijin, who served as Global Times editor-in-chief and continues to provide commentary for the publication, has repeatedly criticized U.S. calls for China not to provide military equipment or economic assistance to Russia.

“You arrogant people underestimate China’s strategic determination,” Hu tweeted Friday. “China will not follow the US and the West to sanction Russia. Stop your wishful thinking. China respects the US, and China’s independent foreign policy also needs to be respected.”

Hu shared similar comments on Monday as reports came out in several U.S. media outlets that Russia had requested China provide military equipment and economic support.

“Washington has no right to demand China to promise not to export arms to Russia or stop China-Russia trade. China will not seek to ease the tensions with the US by damaging China-Russia relations,” Global Times tweeted, with a video commentary from Hu.

Hu began the video by referencing the various U.S. media reports that Russia had asked China for support.

“These unverified remarks were spread by the U.S. before the meeting between [Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Affairs Office director Yang Jiechi] and [National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan] in Rome on Monday, in an apparent attempt to put pressure on China,” Hu said.

Hu then noted Sullivan’s warning on CNN on Sunday that “there will absolutely be consequences” if China helps alleviate the economic pressure on Russia, brought by new sanctions from the U.S. and other countries.

“I want to say Washington is too arrogant,” Hu said. “As a major military-industrial power, Russia does not need to ask China to provide substantial military assistance for the limited-scale war in Ukraine.”

“Moreover, China is not obligated to promise not to export arms to Russia,” Hu continued. “And Washington has no right to demand that of China.”

Hu said China will continue to develop its relations with Russia and said they both will continue to exchange goods.

“By wanting to stop China-Russia trade, does the U.S. think it is God?” Hu said. “China is a major power pursuing an independent foreign policy and China-U.S. relations must be mutually respectful. China will not seek to ease the tensions with the US by damaging China-Russia relations.”

While Hu demanded the U.S. respect China, he has frequently criticized the U.S. In August, Hu called for Chinese strikes to attack U.S. troops reported to be training Taiwan’s military. He also mocked then-President Donald Trump for testing positive for COVID-19 in October of 2020.