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Videos show Canadian police beating trucker protesters, trampling them with horses

A Canadian police officer appears to beat a protester with his rifle. (Twitter/Screenshot)
February 21, 2022

Video from the anti-COVID vaccine mandate trucker convoy in Ottawa, Canada, showed police beating peaceful protesters over the weekend and trampling them with horses during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on the nonviolent demonstration.

In one video, Canadian law enforcement officers are seen dragging what is believed to be a protester between two trucks. Once out in the open, eight cops surround the protester on the ground as one officer repeatedly kicks, knees and punches him or her.

The footage was posted on Twitter in response to a post by Mr. Trudeau, in which he paints the peaceful protest as a threat to businesses, jobs and communities, and claims to be restoring public order to “protect Canadians.”

In another video, Ottawa Police aggressively grab a protester who is bent over at the waist. As two officers hold the protester, one of the cops repeatedly knees the man until he falls to the ground on his back, at which point a swarm off officers surround both the protester and the cop so they are not able to be seen.

“That’s a wounded veteran!” one of the other protesters appears to yell at the crowd of police.

“Police in Ottawa brutalize a protester, kneeing him until he hits the ground,” tweeted Ian Miles Cheong.

More footage from Trudeau’s crackdown of the peaceful rally shows police on horseback trampling at least two protesters, including an old woman in a motor scooter.

“What is happening here? Wow,” one of the protesters filming the incident says. “They just trampled that lady! They just fully trampled that lady.”

“What the f—k is wrong with you guys?” another protester yells at a line of police as the clash between law enforcement and protesters escalates.

“#Canada#Liberals#Horses Two people were just trampled in downtown Ottawa by cops on horses,” Twitter user DJ Grom posted.

Journalist Keean Bexte tweeted an aerial photograph showing two peaceful protesters on the ground as horses trample them, writing, “Which side are you on?”

Another shocking video shows a group of police officers dragging a protester behind a line of police. As law enforcement officers attempt to block the view of the clash, one officer is seen beating the protester on the ground with the stock of his rifle.

“Hey, you don’t have to hit him with that!” one protester yells.  

“Police officer appears to beat protester with the stock of his gun,” tweeted journalist Candice Malcolm.