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Videos: Russian tank swerves to run over car with Ukrainian old man inside

A Russian 9K35 Strela-10 mobile anti-aircraft missile launcher runs over a civilian car in Kyiv, Ukraine, Feb. 25, 2022. (Screenshot)
February 25, 2022

Video has emerged on Friday of a heavily armored Russian military vehicle swerving to run over a civilian car fleeing from the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv. The car appears to have been driven by an elderly man.

The Russian vehicle, which appears to be a 9K35 Strela-10 mobile surface-to-air missile launcher vehicle, can be seen driving around on the Kyiv roadways before violently skidding to intercept a car moving in the opposite direction. The Russian armored vehicle catches the car before its treads are able to gain traction and roll over the civilian vehicle.

As the Russian military vehicle rolls over the civilian car, a woman can be heard screaming in horror, shortly before the sounds of small arms fire ring out.

Multiple sources on social media said the elderly driver survived the incident.

Video has since emerged of Ukrainian civilians attempting to free the elderly man from a crushed car.

Another still shot showed civilians helping the elderly man.

Another still shot shows the full extent of the damage to the car.

Another video taken from a neighboring apartment building gives an almost straight-on view of the Russian vehicle ramming the civilian car.

Another video showed a view from behind the Russian military vehicle as it backed off of the crushed civilian car.