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Ukrainians remove road signs to confuse Russian invaders, says ‘go f—k yourselves’

A fake image of a road sign, posted by Ukraine's official road agency, telling Russian invaders to "Go fuck themselves." (Screenshot)
February 28, 2022

Ukraine’s official road maintenance and signage agency announced on Saturday that it is removing road signs to confuse invading Russian forces who struggle to navigate the country on their own. The company also shared an image of a fake replacement road sign, telling the Russian invaders “Go fuck yourselves.”

In a Saturday Facebook post the Ukrainian state road maintenance and signage agency, Ukravtodor, said, “We dismantled road signs on all roads of the country. Priority # 1 – signs, names of settlements. We passed the collected signs to local authorities and road workers.

The company explained the decision, saying, “The enemy has poor communications. They cannot navigate the terrain. Let’s help them get straight to hell.”

The company called on other Ukrainian road companies, communities and local officials to help in the effort of removing road signs.

Along with their announcement, the company posted an image of a fake replacement road sign, with one arrow pointing forward and stating “Go fuck yourself,” another arrow pointing left and stating “Go fuck yourself again,” and a third arrow pointing right and stating “Go fuck yourself back in Russia.”

In another Facebook post on Saturday, the Ukrainian road company said, “If you see or know that enemy vehicles will move on your roads – block the enemy by all available methods!”

“Felling trees, building barricades, burning tires! Use EVERYTHING at hand!,” the second post added. “The occupier must understand that he is not welcomed here and will be resisted on every street, every road! Let them be afraid to even look in the direction of our cities! Together to victory! The occupier will be destroyed!”

In yet another Facebook post on Monday, the Ukrainian company shared images of actual new road signs with images of Russian President Vladimir Putin crossed out.

“While our brave warriors and fearless citizens repel the enemy, road workers update the Rules of the Road,” the Ukrainian road company explained. “In front of you is a new road sign. ‘The occupiers are not allowed to move.’ The sign indicates to the enemy: ‘Immediately surrender, or meet death.’ As of today, the sign extends to roads of all forms of ownership in Ukraine and its allied states.”

The Ukrainian road company is not the only civilian entity to join in resisting. On Sunday, videos emerged of Ukrainian civilians blocking roadways to prevent Russian tanks from rolling through.