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Russia’s 74th Motor Rifle Brigade surrenders to Ukraine

Russian troops in gas masks. (Kremlin photo/Released)
February 24, 2022

The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (CinC AF) of Ukraine announced on Thursday that a platoon of Russian troops surrendered because they didn’t know “they were brought to Ukraine to kill Ukrainians.”

In a Facebook post, the top Ukrainian commander wrote that “Russian invaders” surrendered to “Ukrainian defenders.”

“Russian invaders, facing the total resistance of Ukrainian defenders, surrender themselves to captivity. Under Chernihiv, a whole intelligence unit of 74 motorcycle rifle brigade surrendered,” the CinC AF stated, adding that the Russian soldiers “thought they would return home” and that they were “collecting information” instead of fighting.

During a press briefing, Ukraine Ambassador Markarova also told reporters that a platoon of the Russian 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade surrendered to Ukrainian forces.

“Just before I came here, we got information from our chief commander that one of the platoons of the 74th motorized brigade…surrendered, also noting that they didn’t know that they were brought to Ukraine to kill Ukrainians. That they thought they were doing something else there,” she explained.

“Again, Ukraine is defending our home. We will defend our home and it’s time for all free and democratic nations who value the principles and the territorial integrity and the right of any country for peace, to stand together with us — but not only stand together with us, act together with us to stop the war in Europe.”

When asked about the number of Russian troops that surrendered, Markarova responded, “Platoon, so, I don’t know the exact number.”

Markarova said Ukraine is asking the nation’s partners and friends to enact “massive sanctions” for the recent Russian aggression, as well as the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014. Ukraine also needs help with “defensive capabilities,” she said.  

“Our military and every Ukrainian is ready to defend our country. We need help in order to be able to defend our country. Humanitarian assistance, because the damages that Russia is inflicting on Ukraine right now are large, and of course, the day-to-day life of ordinary people is at risk and is disrupted greatly,” Markarova said.

The ambassador also addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim that he is seeking the “de-Nazification” of Ukraine.

“This is absurd. In 2014, Ukraine has chosen a path again to Democracy…Since 2014, Ukraine has been not only reforming itself, but preserving and developing a democracy in Ukraine. We are a country that now has our sixth president, and it’s all during the same time that Russia has one president,” Markarova said. “We are a democratic country. All of our friends and allies can attest that Ukraine is a very accepting community. That actually after the freedoms disappeared in Russia, all of the people, many of the people, actually, you know, starting from Radio Free Europe and others, found their home in Ukraine. Especially when they were first forced out from Russia, and then forced out from Belarus.”

“So, I not only reject those claims, they are completely false. And I know that many people of different nationalities call Ukraine their home, and moreover, many people of different nationalities defend their home in Ukraine right now,” she concluded.