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Video: Veteran, ex-cop uses personal pistol to stop armed burglar

Burglar (D Keller/Pixabay)
January 13, 2022

A veteran and former law enforcement officer used his personal firearm to stop an armed robber who was breaking into his truck early Sunday morning in Tulsa, Okla.

According to KOTV, after being alerted to motion in their driveway by a Ring security camera around 4:40 a.m., Curtis Sprague jumped into action. He “grabbed a pistol for protection” and went to investigate the situation while his wife called the police.

“[I] went outside to see what was going on and see if I could stop the problem,” Sprague told KOTV. “My initial intent was to go out, get the description, see if I could see a vehicle to give to the police.”

“I’m starting out as an intended victim at a tactical disadvantage because he’s already acting, committing his crime, and I’ve got to play catchup and react to it,” Sprague continued. “I know that I’ve got to change his school of thought and take him out of his plan and give him something he didn’t plan which causes a mental speedbump.”

Video of the incident shows Sprague slam his truck door on the burglary suspect, who was searching through the vehicle’s back seat. Sprague then moves backwards with his pistol pointed at the now-confused suspect and demands he get on the ground.

“Get on the ground. On the ground,” Sprague is heard saying in the security footage.

The suspect complied with Sprague’s orders, who said he then removed a Glock 23 from the suspect’s waist band and an ID from his back pocket.

Sprague said a second suspect exited a car parked nearby, but as police sirens approached the house, the second suspect took off.

Sprague said he does not recommend others attempt to take down armed burglars.

“There’s nothing in that vehicle that’s worth that guy losing his life over, and there’s nothing in my vehicle losing my life over,” Sprague, who has special military operations experience, told the local outlet. “I just kind of reverted back to some old training and things happened and I got lucky.”

“I will commend the Tulsa Police Department. Their response time was excellent. They were there in no time,” he said.  

KOTV reported that police said the incident was one of many burglaries they’re investigating in the area.