Former Green Beret Tyler Allcorn joins crowded GOP field in Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District

Former Green Beret and Colorado congressional candidate Tyler Allcorn. (Tyler Allcorn/Released)

Tyler Allcorn, a former Army Special Forces Green Beret, announced his candidacy for Colorado’s newly created 8th Congressional District this week.

As a Republican, Allcorn is seeking to become the party’s nominee in the primary election, according to his campaign announcement.

Allcorn is an immigrant to the United States, becoming a citizen in 2010 and enlisting in the U.S. Army shortly after. During his time in Army special forces, he fought ISIS and other enemies of the United States in locations like Syria and Iraq.

Through his work in the military, Allcorn received two Bronze Stars for his actions.

“I’m an immigrant to America who enlisted in the United States Army four short months after earning my citizenship because I want to serve the country that has given me so much,” Allcorn said while announcing his candidacy.

Allcorn indicated his family’s ticket to the American Dream, as an immigrant, was the oil and gas industry. Despite his father only having a high school degree, his family was pulled out of poverty with help from the industry.

“In Colorado, as it is everywhere in America, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you were born, what matters is that you work hard and give the next generation more opportunity than your own,” he said. “I’ve spent my life serving our country across the globe and now I’m ready to deploy to Washington, D.C., to ensure every family in the 8th Congressional District has the opportunity to live their own American Dream.”

Allcorn explained he believes there is a threat stemming from radial liberal policies to many of the things he fought for on the battlefield. Especially, the policies from Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi that are affecting the ability of Coloradans in the 8th District to “pay their bills, live in safe neighborhoods, work in the oil and gas industry and provide a better future for their children.”

In addition, the decision to pull troops from Afghanistan has created a more dangerous world and creates opportunities for places like Russia and China to test America’s resolve, according to Allcorn’s beliefs.

“We need an outsider in Washington, not another politician,” he said in regards to the fight against radical liberal’s policies in the congressional seat.

If elected into Congress, Allcorn stated he will work to stop “out-of-control spending” that is increasing inflation and hurting the affordability of everyday life as a Coloradan. He will also fight to keep neighborhoods and communities safe from crime and illegal drugs that are killing people at record numbers in the district.

The oil and gas industry is also a primary focus, as it was his ticket to the American Dream growing up, he said he wants to continue to protect the thousands of workers and jobs who supply the country with energy and keep the economy booming.

Lastly, Allcorn’s agenda will work to create a strong America to contain the ambitions of China, Russia and terrorist organizations after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, his announcement said.

“Even though my days of being deployed to the battlefield as an Army Special Forces Green Beret are over, I’m ready to be deployed to Washington, D.C. to continue to serve the country I love and fight for the 8th Congressional District,” Allcorn said.

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Allcorn joins the race with well-known local Republicans, including Weld County Commissioner Lori Sane, state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer and Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann. Ryan Gonzalez and Giulianna “Jewels” Gray are other Republican nominees in the crowded field.

The democratic side of the race includes state Rep. Yadira Caraveo, Adams County Commissioner Chaz Tedesco and nonprofit leader Johnny Humphrey.

Colorado’s 8th Congressional District was approved by an independent commission in October. It stretches from northern Denver suburbs to Greeley. The primary election is set for June 28.


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