VIDEO: Large Biden ‘Let’s go Brandon’ lawn installation erected on Staten Island

Let's go Brandon (Ivan Radic/WikiCommons)

“Let’s go Brandon,” the G-rated version of a vulgar President Joe Biden insult that went viral last month, recently surfaced with an art installation featuring an 11-foot tall picture of Biden on a Staten Island homeowner’s lawn.

The installation, which was designed by the borough’s controversial artist Scott LoBaido, is currently on display on Sam Pirozzolo’s lawn in Castleton Corners.

Pirozzolo — who recently ran for the Mid-Island City Council seat, but lost in the Republican primary — told the Advance/ that he decided to put a sign on his lawn after seeing the phrase gain traction.

“I think Biden’s comment about his European trip says it all: ‘We showed up. We showed up,’ Biden said. ‘And by showing up, we’ve had a profound impact, I think, on how the rest of the world is looking at the United States,'” said Pirozzolo quoting Biden’s comments during a press conference on Tuesday.

“So now ‘showing up’ is an accomplishment for an American president? Yes, Joe, you’re showing up and falling asleep has indeed had a profound impact on how the rest of the world is looking at us. You have and are an embarrassment to this country,” Pirozzolo continued.


The phrase, which has recently become very popular among Republicans, first came onto the scene during an Oct. 2 NASCAR race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, the Associated Press reported.

During an interview with Brandon Brown, who had won his first Xfinity Series, the crowd chanted a phrase, which an NBC reporter interpreted as them cheering on Brown saying, “Let’s go Brandon.” However, as the chanting continues in the clip, it is clear that they are chanting ‘F— Joe Biden.”

Since then, “Let’s go Brandon” has become the G-rated substitute for the explicit insult directed at Biden.

“‘Let’s go, Brandon’ has exploded on the right, arming cheeky Conservatives with a deceptively innocuous cri de coeur that takes sarcastic swings at President Biden and the mainstream media without running afoul of technology censors,” the Washington Times wrote.

Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) concluded a speech on the House floor on Oct. 21 with the phrase saying that Americans want Democrats “to help put America back where you found it, and leave it the hell alone. Let’s go, Brandon!”

Last week, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) wore a “Let’s go Brandon” face mask in the nation’s Capitol and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) posed with an Astros fan holding a sign with the phrase during Game 2 of the World Series.

Former President Donald Trump has also joined in using the phrase and is now capitalizing on it, The Hill reported. His campaign team sent out an email last week notifying supporters that they are distributing custom shirts with the phrase in exchange for donations of at least $45.

According to the Associated Press, last week, a Southwest Airlines pilot allegedly signed off a flight from Houston to Albuquerque using the phrase over the intercom, which was met with gasps from passengers. The airline, which has launched an internal investigation into the matter, released a statement saying that it “takes pride in providing a welcoming, comfortable and respectful environment” and “behavior from any individual that is divisive or offensive is not condoned.”


LoBaido, who designed the installation on Pirozzolo’s lawn said the image of Biden represents a public perception of the president.

“We all know what ‘Let’s go Brandon’ means by now. It’s a hot saying everywhere” he told the Advance/ “Since this Biden is so lost, and is not leading this country and gazes up into space, I used that famous shot of him gazing. It represents how not only many Americans see him but others around the world see him.”

In the past, Pirozzolo has displayed other work by LoBaido on his lawn, including a large pro-Trump “T” sign, that after it was erected was set ablaze in 2016. At the time, the city Fire Department confirmed the original structure was intentionally burned to the ground.


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