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Video: SEAL who killed Bin Laden slams ‘weak’ American leadership: ‘They only care about personal power’

Robert J. O'Neill speaking at the 2018 CPAC in National Harbor, Maryland. (Gage Skidmore/Released)
October 29, 2021

Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, who is credited with shooting Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden in a May 2011 raid, slammed the “weakness” of United States’ leadership and said they only care about “personal power.”  

“There’s so much weakness right now in the leadership here, and it’s not even weakness. A lot of it is by design by people in suits in the beltway. Personal power. That’s all they care about,” O’Neill said last week during an interview with the Daily Caller’s David Hookstead.

O’Neill lamented that weak American leadership is leading the United States military to “lower the standards” in order to cater to “social experimentation,” particularly when it comes to the military’s response to COVID-19 and the vaccine mandate.

“It’s going to delude [our ability to fight wars]. A lot of people that are making these decisions about social experimentation are smart enough to realize you can’t just crank out…a thousand more Navy SEALs. That takes a lot of time. And with that, I’ve seen in the military, it becomes: lower the standards. Lower the standards and we’ll get more people in,” O’Neill said.

“And then all of a sudden you have people in positions that shouldn’t even be there. With the Army, too, and with all the special forces and the Marine Corps. And again, guys were getting out in droves before the vaccine. And now you see the ridiculous formations with masks and six feet separation. It’s nonsense.”

“I wouldn’t trust us right now. It’s forward defense and deterrence. Who is deterred by us right now? Nobody,” he added.

While claiming that the United States military is becoming weaker as a result of “social experimentation,” O’Neill also warned that China is only becoming more powerful.

“China is buying land everywhere from the United States to West Africa so they can have a naval presence in the Atlantic Ocean. They’ve got control of the NBA, they’ve got control of our entertainment, they’ve pretty much got control of our school system, that’s all by design. It’s all designed by communism,” O’Neill said. “And not just China but Russia – there, Nikita Khrushchev said that they’re going to destroy us without firing a shot. Right now, if China invaded northern California, you know how many collaborators we’d have there that are all about communism and socialism just because of the nonsense they’re being taught in school?”

“We are not only raising cowards, but we’ve taught people that weren’t cowards to be cowards,” he said.