Plane taking off from road after parade crashes onto Texas highway, video shows

Plane crash incident in Winnie (Chambers County Sheriff's Office/Facebook)

Video captured the moment an airplane came crashing down onto a busy stretch of highway after a parade in a small town in southeast Texas over the weekend.

In the video, shared by the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office, the small yellow plane can be seen coasting low and slow overhead before clipping a light pole, tearing through a stop light and thudding onto the pavement before flipping over — all in the space of seven seconds — as bystanders and people in traffic look on.

“Oh my god,” one woman exclaims.

Moments earlier, the plane was being used as a parade float in Winnie, Texas’ annual Rice Festival, police told outlets. After the parade ended, the pilot tried taking off from the roadway rather than having the plane towed to a local airport.

Despite the dust and debris kicked up by the crash, nobody was seriously injured, the sheriff’s office said.

“Many thanks to our first responders and CSI Towing for their swift response,” CCSO said.

Investigators said strong winds contributed to the crash, KPRC reported.


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