Loaded gun was inside kindergartner’s backpack at North Carolina school, district says


A teacher found a loaded gun inside a kindergartner’s backpack, sparking an investigation in North Carolina, officials said.

The handgun was discovered Monday morning at Tanglewood Elementary School in Lumberton, roughly 95 miles south of Raleigh, according to Public Schools of Robeson County.

“District Administrators are deeply troubled by this incident due to the age of the student and what could have taken place if the teacher did not take proper action once discovering the handgun,” district spokesperson Glen Burnette said in an email.

Robeson County school officials expect charges to be filed in connection with the incident, which the Lumberton Police Department is investigating, according to district officials. A representative for the police department didn’t immediately respond to McClatchy News’ request for comment Wednesday morning.

“We encourage all parents that own firearms to please take the necessary precautions and store them in secure locations that are out of the reach of our students,” Burnette said.

The weapon found in the bookbag was the fourth loaded gun discovered on the Robeson County district’s campuses since the start of the school year. Two were at Lumberton Senior High School, and one was in a car outside Purnell Swett High School, officials said.


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