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Biden’s State Dept. mocked for ‘International Pronouns Day’ on Twitter

The headquarters of the U.S. State Department at the Harry S. Truman Building. (AgnosticPreachersKid/ Wikimedia Commons)
October 21, 2021

President Joe Biden’s State Department was slammed on Wednesday for recognizing International Pronouns Day with a tweet linking to an article entitled, “Why do so many Americans list pronouns on social media profiles?”

“Today on International Pronouns Day, we share why many people list pronouns on their email and social media profiles. Read more here on @ShareAmerica:,” the State Department tweeted.

Many critics reacted to the announcement by questioning the State Department’s focus and priorities.

“Could we just get the American Christian missionaries being held hostage in Haiti back home?” former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded.

“This is what they were likely focused on while leaving Americans behind to fend for themselves against terrorists in Afghanistan,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter. “Screw They/Them.”

“We have Americans still trapped behind enemy lines and you are displaying our military might by tweeting this bizarre message of multiple genders and sexuality? This cannot be our reality,” the official Twitter account for Code of Vets posted. “This is unprofessional and irresponsible. I am at a loss for words right now!”

“What are you doing about China’s expanded nuclear capabilities?” Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn tweeted, referencing China’s recent and shocking display of nuclear power.

“With all of the issues the Department of State should be dealing with now, where would you rank pronoun awareness in the values hierarchy?” author Peter Boghossian tweeted.

Journalist Kristina Wong pointed to the tweet to compare the different focus between the U.S. and China. “China: Launches nuclear-capable hypersonic missile,” she tweeted, then retweeting the State Department’s tweet for contrast in the U.S.

“Dear God. The politicization of my beloved State Department is a crisis. Anthony Blinken and Wendy Sherman are neutering our diplomats,” tweeted former US ambassador to Germany and Trump official Richard Grenell, the first openly gay cabinet member. “This isn’t diplomacy.”

“This is what the people in charge of our nations foreign policy are working on today,” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio wrote on Twitter.

Greg Price tweeted a meme mocking how the State Department handled the evacuation of Afghanistan in August.

“Why are the preferred pronouns of the Americans stuck in Afghanistan?” another Twitter user posted.

“Did we ever get to the bottom or was anybody ever held accountable for drone striking an innocent man and his 7 children in Afghanistan?” one user on Twitter wrote.

“While you are promoting your ‘wokeness’ China is preparing formidable forces and other countries are seeing how weak we are. This woke behavior DOES not make us safer!! Do better!!” another user tweeted.