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Nagasaki bombed 76 years ago: Know its history and significance

Atomic cloud over Nagasaki from Koyagi-jima by Hiromichi Matsuda. (Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum/Released)

Japan’s Nagasaki on Monday marked the 76th anniversary of the US atomic bombing. On August 9, 1945, the United States dropped the second nuclear bomb on Nagasaki, three days after Hiroshima was destroyed by the first one — a uranium bomb- ‘Little Boy’.

In his speech at the Nagasaki Peace Park on Monday, Nagasaki mayor Tomihisa Taue urged Japan, the United States and Russia to do more to eliminate nuclear weapons. He urged Japan to take the lead in creating a nuclear-free zone in Northeast Asia.


The bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki was code-named the ‘Fat Man’. It killed over 80,000 people. This led to Japan’s unconditional surrender in Second World War. At least 70,000 people were killed in the initial blast at Nagasaki, while approximately another 70,000 more died from radiation-related illnesses later. A US warplane named—Enola Gay dropped the ‘Fat Man’ about 1,650 feet above Nagasaki. This led to Japan’s unconditional surrender in Second World War.

Many survivors of the bombing developed cancer or other illnesses due to their exposure to radiation and suffered discrimination.


Nagasaki Day is being observed across the globe to promote peace and create awareness about the threat of nuclear weapons. This day plays an important role as it focuses on anti-war and anti-nuclear demonstrations in many countries.


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