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Video: Brits outraged by new US cartoon show mocking royal family – here’s a video

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. (Frankie Fouganthin/Wikimedia Commons)
July 30, 2021

A new satirical animated comedy in the U.S. called “The Prince” is being met with criticism in the United Kingdom for its portrayal of Britain’s royal family as a bunch of crazy tea drinkers who are raising young royals like Prince George to be spoiled tyrants.

“The royal tea is piping hot,” HBO Max tweeted along with the trailer Wednesday. “Prince George spills all about life inside Buckingham Palace in #ThePrince, streaming tomorrow on HBO Max.”

From Gary Janetti, a writer of the popular animated sitcom “Family Guy,” the official trailer was released Wednesday and depicts Prince William and Duchess Kate’s eldest son, Prince George, as a pompous brat who asks a servant, “Excuse me, do you have any tea that doesn’t taste like piss?” The pair’s youngest son, Prince Louis, is portrayed as a brutish Cockney rebel who pops in and out of scenes shouting demands.

Queen Elizabeth II is interpreted as a mafia boss who whips out a revolver and shoots a servant when she’s startled, while her son and heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles is characterized as a mama’s boy who is desperate to be king.

The new series was available to stream in the United States on HBO Max on Thursday.

Some in the United Kingdom blasted the new comedy on Twitter after the trailer was released Wednesday.

“I suppose it goes with the territory and the royals tend to believe in artistic freedom,” British reporter and royal correspondent Richard Palmer wrote on Twitter. “But lampooning a little boy will not go down well with some. Would a US company commission a similar series about a US president’s child?”

Palmer linked to a story in Express, a U.K. newspaper, which labeled the animated series “cruel.”

“There are obviously much worse things going on in the world right now, I know this. But the fact not one of these grown-ass adults took issue with playing a part in bullying a real-life 8-year-old kid (via HBO’s ‘The Prince’) is rank and I’ve lost all respect for them, tbh,” one Twitter user wrote.

“This is inappropriate.  And disrespectful,” another wrote. “The children are all innocent and should be off limits! This should be pulled and never viewed. How can you in good conscious, let this happen?”

Others criticized Orlando Bloom and Sophie Turner for their involvement in the project.

“I agree both Orlando and Sophie have hypocritically put out statements regarding their children’s privacy, don’t they realise how much the Cambridge children will be mocked by other children because of this,” a user on Twitter wrote. “Absolutely heartless. So wrong.”

“Hollywood Celebrity:  Please respect my family and child(ren) by allowing them some privacy,” another Twitter user said. “Also Hollywood Celebrity:  I have no issue working on a show that mocks and exploits the lives of other children for [money].”

“Basing a “comedy” programme on a living eight year old is tasteless in the extreme: shame on all those actors who whored themselves to be involved,” another user posted. “It’s cheap, creepy and, frankly, a bit noncey.”

Despite the backlash, many cheered on the new show.

“HBO is doing… what needs to be done. The Prince is hilarious,” a Twitter user posted.

“The Prince on HBO MAX is f–kinggggg amazing,” another wrote. “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills being on the show just overtopped my happiness. F–king @lisarinna kills me. I loves it.”

“Everyone b–ching about The Prince on HBO doesn’t understand comedy, is a overly-sensitive pussy, or both. #ThePrince,” a third said.