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Pics: ‘Pregnant Man’ emoji could hit devices next year

"Pregnant Man" emoji. (Emojipedia/Screenshot)
July 15, 2021

A “pregnant man” could become one of the newest emojis to hit devices and platforms in the months ahead, according to a Thursday post by Emojipedia revealing 102 new designs that are being considered by Unicode.

“Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person are new, and recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people,” Emojipedia stated. “These are additions to the existing Pregnant Woman emoji.”

The potential “Pregnant Man” emoji appears to be the profile of a man with short hair and a mustache whose hand is resting on his stomach, which is meant to look as though he is pregnant.  

Emoji 14.0 is scheduled for final approval in September 2021, and could arrive on most platforms in the following year. The current list “is only a draft emoji list” and is “subject to change prior to final approval.”

“In past years, the majority of draft emoji candidates end up included on the final list,” Emojipedia wrote. “This list in particular has been worked on for a longer period of time, after Unicode 14.0 was delayed due to COVID-19.”

Also being considered on the list are a saluting face, biting lip, coal and a low battery. “Consistent gender options for pregnancy and royalty” as well as heart-hands and 15 different handshake skin-tone combinations also made the draft list.

Users on Twitter ridiculed the suggested “Pregnant Man” emoji after Emojipedia announced the list.

“I’m really over this pregnant man bullshit,” wrote Emily Zanotti, editorial director of the Daily Wire.

“The Left believes a gun emoji is far too dangerous but 12 options for pregnant men must be included,” said Rep. Jim Banks, an Indiana Republican and United States Navy veteran. “Remember this when they claim to be moderate!”

Another user mocked the “Pregnant Man” emoji, writing, “When you had too many burritos.”

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh also mocked the emoji, tweeting, “I tried to warn you people about emojis and you wouldn’t listen.”

The continued effort to provide more “inclusive” options has included a 2019 Unicode’s 2019 that included a trans pride flag and emojis featuring individuals in wheelchairs and with prosthetic limbs.

In recognition of upcoming World Emoji Day, Emojipedia is also giving people the chance to vote for the “Most Anticipated Emoji” award. The winner will be announced on July 17.

“This isn’t a part of the approval process, just a fun way to gauge which draft emojis people are most keen to use,” Emojipedia wrote.