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Masked employees fight unmasked customers in series of shocking videos

Shoppers wear masks while exiting Wegmans in Woodbridge in April. (Patti Sapone | NJ Advance Media/TNS)
July 29, 2021

Several fights over wearing masks have broken out across the United States in recent months, and footage of those fights was compiled in a video shared by the Daily Caller.

In the first video, an apparent employee of an Ace Hardware store uses a bat to intimidate a customer who is not wearing a mask. The incident reportedly happened last month in Seattle and was sparked by an employee telling a vaccinated, unmasked employee to mask up or leave.

“You going to hit me with that bat?” the customer asks when attempting to reenter the store.

“No, get out,” the employee orders, shoving the customer with the bat before throwing it away.  

After pushing the customer, the employee is seen raising his fists before he starts fighting the customer.

“These are the employees of Ace Hardware,” the man filming the altercation says. “What a punk b—ch.”

The fight moves onto the sidewalk outside the store as the two men fall into a stack of products. Eventually, the two men separate and exchange profanities before the employee walks back inside the store.

In the second video, another masked employee of what appears to be a diner is seen physically removing an unmasked customer from the establishment.

The two can be seen outside the café punching and kicking each other.

“Beat his ass,” the person filming says. “I would f—k that guy up.”

At some point, the customer ends up back in the diner and is physically restrained by three or four masked individuals. A woman is then seen walking inside the door and immediately begins punching the masked men. One of the men shoves the woman, which prompts a young teen to punch the man in the face.

As the man turns to the boy, the woman again steps in, yelling, “What is wrong with you? Sick people.”

In the third clip, an older, unmasked man pushes his way into a Walmart despite a masked employee attempting to physically prevent him from entering the store. The incident took place in June 2020 in Orlando, Fla.

The employee is then seen following the unmasked shopper around the store, ordering him to leave.

“Bruh, these folks is tripping, bruh,” the person filming the incident says. “Hey sir, everybody got on masks, man.”

The employee continues following the older man around the store until the clip ends.

The fourth clip shows an unmasked woman with her two young children being yelled at in a store by an older, masked woman. The incident took place in July 2020 in Gainesville, Ga.

The mother tries to explain that children under the age of 10 are not required to wear a mask.

“I hope they all die,” the masked woman responds as the children watch her.

“You take care of yourself. Bye,” the mother says.

“I hope you all die because you’re going to kill me,” the masked woman says again.

“That’s such a great thing to say to somebody,” the mother responds.

In the final video, a young woman melts down in an elevator with a woman she accused of wearing a mask incorrectly.

“I don’t understand why you can’t just politely step out to allow me out of the elevator when I asked you nicely, when you have been wearing your mask [incorrectly],” the young woman says through tears.

“You might as well just get off at your floor,” the woman accused of wearing her mask wrong says.

“I’m trying to get off but I can’t come close to you. Do you not understand that I have an extremely compromised immune system? You are a delivery person incorrectly wearing the mask…” the young woman shouts hysterically.

“Is this incorrectly wearing the mask?” the second woman says, showing herself in the mirror of the elevator properly wearing a mask.

“It wasn’t like that the whole f—king time,” the young woman screams, slamming her fist against the side of the elevator before rushing out the door.