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Video: Iranian man sets himself on fire while burning Israeli flag

Man caught on fire while burning an Israeli flag. (Twitter screenshot)
May 12, 2021

Last week an Iranian man set fire to an Israeli flag only to be caught in its flames moments later.

Masih Alinejad, who describes herself as an Iranian journalist and activist, tweeted video of the flag-burning incident. She said, “Authorities in the Islamic Republic attempted to burn the Israeli flag, as they usually do. But this time, karma got them and they ended up burning themselves. Meanwhile unlike the regime, ordinary Iranians increasingly refuse to burn or walk on Israeli and American flags.”

The Times of Israel reported the flag-burning accident happened during Quds Day celebrations in Iran on Friday. Quds is the Arabic word for Jerusalem. Iran has celebrated Quds Day since 1979 and the day is meant to signify support for Palestinians and opposition to the Israeli government.

Quds Day is celebrated in opposition to Israel’s Jerusalem Day, which is celebrated around the same time of year and commemorates the establishment of Israeli control over the old city of Jerusalem following the 1967 Six-Day War.

The burning of Israeli and American flags is common during Quds Day events. Chants of “death to Israel” and “death to America” are also common. The Times of Israel reported that many people came out despite coronavirus restrictions to take part in the demonstrations.

In his Quds Day speech this year, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Israel is “not a country, but a terrorist base” and said Israel’s downfall was imminent.

Just days after the Quds Day celebrations, Israel has seen waves of rocket attacks launched from the direction of the Gaza Strip by Hamas militants. The rocket attacks began on Monday and have continued throughout the week.

On Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tweeted that over the course of 38 hours, more than 1,050 rockets were fired at central and southern Israel. “This. Must. Stop.” the IDF tweeted.

Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system intercepted numerous rockets fired into the country, but others landed and killed or injured Israeli civilians.

Israel responded by launching numerous airstrikes against at least 300 targets belonging to Hamas and other militant groups.

France 24 reported six in Israel and at least 49 in Gaza have been killed in the ongoing fighting.