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Video: Armed robber body-slammed by would-be victim in California

Burglar (D Keller/Pixabay)
April 20, 2021

A reportedly armed suspect was picked up and body-slammed into the pavement during an attempted robbery in California, according to a recent video that has since gone viral.

Footage from the incident shows a man walking to the back of his vehicle when two suspects run up to him, including one who appears to point a gun at him.

The man can be heard saying, “Are you serious?” moments before punching the suspect, picking him up and brutally body-slamming him into the ground.

Emmy and NAACP Image Award-winning comedian Loni Love shared the video on Twitter with the caption: “Kids tried to do a robbery.. went home to fill out hub applications.”

As the video continues, the armed robber can be heard saying “OK, OK,” as he is rag-dolled by the man he was attempting to rob just seconds before.

The suspect then lets out a high-pitched squeal as the man kneels on him. The robber’s apparent accomplice starts shouting at the man to release his partner.

“Hey, let him go!” the second suspect says. “Let him go!”

The roughed-up suspect pleads while on the ground, saying, “Aright. Alright. Alright.”

After a moment, the man picks up the robber and shoves him toward his accomplice.

“Get the fuck out of here,” the man shouts at the attempted robber. “Fuck out of here.”

According to the original Reddit post, the failed robbery took place in San Leandro, California.

The video garnered thousands of reactions on social media, with most in support of the would-be victim’s impressive self-defense.

Conservative political commentator Carmine Sabia tweeted, “This is my new favorite video.”

Other users expressed hope that the take-down taught the apparently young attempted robbers a lesson.

“I hope this kid realizes that it could’ve been much worse for him and that that dude took mercy on him by letting him up and letting him go,” one user tweeted. “Hopefully, he learned his lesson and doesn’t try it again on someone else or try and get revenge on that guy.”

Best-selling author Don Winslow also shared the video and mocked the attempted robbers, saying, “These idiots tried to rob Jason Bourne! Holy shit that was a bad idea.”