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Video: India’s homemade artillery ATAGS called ‘best in the world’ advances to final trials

Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) during trials. (India's Defense Research Development Organization/Released)
December 26, 2020

India’s Defense Research Development Organization’s (DRDO) latest system in its artillery arsenal is in final advanced trials after successfully demonstrating its capabilities in Balasore, Orissa.

The Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) is hailed as the longest unassisted projectile firing artillery system in its class. It has been centered on the acquisition process since its first successful firing took place in 2016 when ATAGS was subjected for various trials, including proof of armament testing, recoiling stability and integrated full-range firing in all types of weather conditions.

Tested in areas like a hot desert in Pokhran near the Pakistan border and in Sikkim near the Chinese border, ATAGS has already fired more than 2,000 rounds during development in these diverse terrains.

The project director of ATAGS and senior Defense Research and Development Organization scientist Shailendra V. Gade said that ATAGS has surpassed the legendary Bofors in every aspect and is nearly ready to meet the Indian Army’s massive artillery needs. While commenting to media, Gade said, “It is the best gun in the world, no other county has been able to develop such a gun system.”

“We are hoping India will have the biggest achievement in the class of artillery gun system,” Anil Morgaokar, DRDO spokesman, said in a statement.

India has already sidelined Israel’s top-notch ATHOS artillery system in favor of ATAGS, showing a promising future in the Indigenous capabilities of Indian manufacturers. The Indian Army has massive requirements, around 1800 artillery pieces, and the government of India is seeking to fulfill that need with homebuilt systems.

DRDO already has another under production, artillery called Dhanush in 155/45 mm caliber, compared to ATAGS which operates a 155/52 mm caliber round. Dhanush was officially inducted in the Indian Army last year, initially receiving 114 pieces of order until 24 pieces were handed over to the artillery corps. ATAGS is seen as the pinnacle of a towed artillery system. India is clearly hoping to fulfill its mammoth gun requirements with this system if all final trials clear.

ATAGS is already known for setting a world record for the longest unassisted projectile range of 48 kilometers, successfully firing with intended precision.